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February 18, 2013

Relapse is a part of my story.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not.  In the Narcotics Anonymous literature it states, “Relapse can be the jarring experience that brings about a more rigorous application of the program.”

Although devastating, one can find comfort in that they came back from a relapse.  Many do not.  Some overdose, some wind up in institutions, jails, some wind up six feet under. I myself lost five close friends to the disease of addiction last year.  When we find our way back from a relapse we need to focus on staying clean and moving forward.  Dwelling in the past will only bring about guilt and pain.

Once we find ourselves back on track we reconnect with those recovering addicts that can help us stay on the path of recovery.  Say a prayer, go to a meeting and talk to your sponsor, just for today.


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