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The one experience

February 19, 2013

The birth of my daughter Mariah Eve. She is 16 years old now, just a few years shy of when I gave birth to her. We do not get along but that does not affect the love I have for her. She was the reason I turned my life around. I went back to school, I worked odd jobs and bartended to make ends meet. I finished trade school, went to community college, the onto University and finally graduate school. All because that tiny little girl needed a better life. During those years her brothers were born both of them have a special place in motivating me to continue with my education and my goals. Through it all I was constantly busy but I enjoyed every moment. I was working towards an ultimate goal of being an educated woman while maintaining a home and raising three wonderful kids. They are teenagers now, the boys and I have a pretty solid relationship but my daughter and I are the same person. She has the qualities to either achieve all she sets out to do or to fall down a dangerous path. The best I can do is be here, guide her, and lover her. She is the reason I achieved my goals, she changed my life, she saved my life.

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