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Watching for Unmanageable Behavior

February 19, 2013

As addicts we tend to take a situation and chew it up, over analyze it and overwhelm ourselves in the process.  We literally make a mountain out of a molehill.  Many times we take a situation that we are powerless over and try desperately to do something about it when it is beyond our control.

What we can do is break the problem down into more manageable problems and tackle them like a grocery list.  Hopefully it will appear less overwhelming and more manageable.  I make a list. I take them and tackle them one at a time.  It can become obsessive so be careful and observe your behavior while you are accomplishing the tasks you have assigned to yourself.  Another sign to watch for is not to get upset if you do not finish everything in a certain time frame.  Unless of course it is a time sensitive matter, otherwise, give yourself a break and take things slow.

Taking things slowly, accomplishing things one at a time, and being careful not to become obsessive with it may take some practice.  As addicts everything seems so urgent, everything has to be done right away.  Breaking these old patterns takes time and practice.  I work everyday on these character defects and obsessive behaviors.  It’s important to remember that we cannot change overnight.

Taking it slow, talking to another recovering addict, going to a meeting, and saying a prayer.  These simple tasks can save your life especially when you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control, in other words unmanageable. Unmanageability can be a warning sign, it can mean that your disease is active in some area.  It can also mean there are reservations in your program either way remember, recovery is journey that does not need to be taken alone.

Learning to watch for these signs needs the help of your sponsor.  You must remain honest with him or her in order for them to help you.  Honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness are the key principles to beginning your journey into recovery.  Having a sponsor to help you through these processes is important.


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