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30 Days of Recovery: Surviving the First 30 Days of Recovery

February 20, 2013

The book cover:

Drug addiction is plaguing our society from prescription drug abuse to the street junkie.  Lives have been destroyed by substance abuse.  Possibly you or a loved one has been affected by drugs and alcohol and that is why you have picked up this book.  The feeling of being a prisoner to the addiction, the suffering from the chains that bind the addict to the drug, can be broken.  They can be broken today by the realization that you or a loved one has a problem.  The decision to flip through this book may cause the seed to be planted and the possibility of a solution.  There is no known cure for addiction but there are treatments.  It begins with a decision to get clean and do something about the problem.  Through coping exercises, skill building, goal setting and much more a journey can begin through the first thirty days that will be the most important in recovery.  This book is set up to guide from day one through day thirty to give the tools needed to start a successful road to the ultimate goal of freedom from drug addiction.


What are your thoughts?

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