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Spirituality vs. Organized Religion

February 21, 2013

I hear addicts seeking recovery always say, “I can’t do the God thing so NA and those 12 steps programs aren’t for me.”  Narcotics Anonymous is a spiritual program, not a religious one.  Many people in the program choose to call their Higher Power “God” probably because we live in a traditionally Christian society, “In God We Trust,” “God bless America,” etc.

The 12 steps do not in way push Christianity onto people.  they do not require an religious program.  It is a spiritual program.  The difference is spirituality is personal, it is within, organized religion is God, church, priests, the bible, etc.

It is a choice you have in NA, you can choose to follow with the christian faith, Buddhism  Hindu  whichever you prefer. Or perhaps you wish to remain atheist.  Whatever you choose it is important to say a prayer to a Higher Power of your choice, it could be a relationship between you and your sponsor, that is a Power greater then yourself alone.  The only requirement for this higher power is that it is loving, caring, and forgiving.  This power could even be the NA home group you choose and trust, it could be the Narcotics Anonymous program, anything you choose.


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  1. JoAnn permalink

    I like this entry- it’s something that Andy and I believe in. I’m spiritual, but I don’t believe in organized religion….I think when you start getting into rituals, it takes away from the personal feelings of faith.


    • Thanks JoAnn! I’m so excited about this blog site, it really took off quickly! I’m trying to give a small blog on my book 30 Days of Recovery everyday to kinda see my audience demographics, I am almost done with the final copy, I’m sending to my Grandmother then as soon as she sends it back I’ll make my changes and her recomendations, upload it, publish it as and E-Book and literally it take 1 day and it will start selling as soon as its uploaded!


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