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30 Days of Recovery – Goin the extra mile for recovery

February 22, 2013

“I can’t get to a meeting!” “ I don’t have transportation!”  “I lost my license for DUI!”  “I don’t have a car,” “I can’t afford a car,” all good points, but you have phone numbers now, use them, ask for rides, walk to meetings.  Walking helps release endorphins which are our happy hormones.  There also the hormones that drugs effect.  Depending on how long you walk those endorphins can have an affect on you for up to 48 hours.  So walk to a meeting.

Consider this, how did you get your drugs and get high?  Think about it, you went to any lengths to get a fix or drink.  I had a friend who said that he once walked 8 miles to get a hit, dope sick, just for one hit of heroin, 8 miles!  I recently rode my bikes 30 minutes to a job interview and kept asking myself do I want this job bad enough to ride 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back after cleaning and cooking for an older gentleman?  Yes! I do! I need this job! I thought as I rode my bike out into the middle of no where.  I didn’t have to think about it too hard after the interview.  He wasn’t really looking for a cleaner or cook, at least not a clothed one.  I won’t get into details but there was mention of possibly having my boyfriend come over and if he could watch me and my boyfriend, I’ll let your mind fill in the rest.


What are your thoughts?

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