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February 23, 2013


Journaling has become one of my greatest tools in recovery.  Everyday, I write an entry about what I am experiencing and how I am feeling,  On the opposite page I write my gratitude list, at the top of the page I write,”Have an attitude of gratitude, then at the bottom I write about a few goals and dreams I have.  I also write how many days clean I have in the top corner.

This is part of my daily routine and it helps me deal with the flood of emotions I  get sometimes from being clean.  It is difficult to deal with all these new emotions, I talk about them to my counselors, and my sponsor.  I knew mad, sad and happy that’s it.  Identifying my different emotions and why I am experiencing them, that is all part of the recovery progress.

Journaling also helps me remember things from my past.  Having this daily account of these experiences helps with y counselors, doctors and my sponsor.  It is not an easy process but it’s a start.


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