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30 Days of Recovery: Excerpt from Chapter 1 Day 1: Detox

February 24, 2013

Detoxing (Photo credit: .Habee

For the first few days you’re probably going to want to stay in bed.  That is just fine, just be sure to use the phone, call someone you have met at the meeting.  No matter what do not use.  Just make sure you may get to a meeting once a day.  If you can go more than once a day it will kill time, it will help introduce you and get you used to the people in recovery and it will get you out of the house.

Just take it one day at a time, goal minute by minute if you have to do.  I would tell myself, “I lasted this long all call my dealer in another hour.” Do not think in terms of forever, stay in today.  If you all overwhelm yourself with thinking you can never use again, you are probably not going to last that long.  It is too much to think that way, stay in the moment.  Just for today I will stay clean.  It seems hard, it is overwhelming and it does take getting used to.  It is just that simple though, just for today.

Take it slow, tell yourself after I sleep for a while, after I take a shower, in 5 minutes, whatever it takes to stay in the moment.  You are clean right now that is all that matters.  It is day one and you feel lousy but you have made it this far, you can do this.  Try to sleep through as much of the withdraw as you can.  When you are not sleeping, use the phone, call other recovering addicts that you met at the meetings.  If it gets so bad, and your skin is crawling takes some more melatonin.

Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone that your brain produces for natural sleep.  Do not use too much, it is a hormone and should not be used long-term.  What it can also be used for anxiety it takes about 45 minutes to start working.  I used it to replace my benzo addiction, Xnanx, Klonipin, etc.  The first week while you are detoxing try taking 3 to 5 mgs of melatonin or valerian root to help relax you.

Give yourself a pat on the back in a round of applause.  You’ve made it through your first 24 hours.  This is the first day of your new life since a little prayer of thanks before you go to sleep.

Mind body soul check: what will I give up for recovery?  Who will I disappoint if I fail?  Who has faith in me?  Do I have faith in myself?  How are your living arrangements?  Are you safe?  Answer these questions in your journal.  Write about it and write about how you feel.  Also write down a few things you are grateful for.


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