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Day 2 Excerpt: Just For Today

February 26, 2013
One day at a time

One day at a time (Photo credit: Kait Marie)

We would do anything to get our drugs.  Now we need to do whatever it takes to get our recovery.  We need to walk 8 miles to get to a meeting, we need a ride our bikes 30 minutes there and 30 minutes home.  We need a scrape up change for gas money.  We need to keep calling numbers until we actually get a hold of someone when we are being triggered.  We need to do whatever, go wherever, and call whoever to chase are recovery just as we chased the drug.  We need to put into recovery what we put into getting high.  We need to go to any lengths to clean.

Just remember stay in the moment, just for today, today I want to live, today I will do whatever it takes to stay clean.  I found that having a car was a trigger to me.  I also had lost my license and was still driving.  Many of my legal problems were due to driving on a suspended license.  For me, I had to take my car off the road for the first 90 days of my recovery.  Not only because of the legal reasons but because every time I got in the car I wanted to go to the city and get high.  Driving was not an option for me and early recovery, it was a trigger.

  1. Mat Cendana permalink

    “Doing whatever it takes when it comes to recovery, just as it was when we were addicted and would do the same to get drugs…” Something so simple, seemingly, but this is precisely what a recovering addict must do to get his life back…and more. The combination of “doing the right things” and “time” – the results will be amazing.

    By the way, if driving is a trigger for you, it’s the opposite with me. It’s taking the buses that would always bring me back into the “going to score” mode and mood. Fortunately, I now have a car. Or I’d take the commuter train. And I’m now in a different place, hundreds of miles away from where there are triggers everywhere.


    • Thank you for your response, I completely agree with you. Recovery comes first no matter what. I’m at a crossroads right now, and the stage is being set for a relapse if I do not put myself first and above all others, specifically, my daughter who is 16 and choosing to follow in my footsteps. I know better then anyone that there is not much I can do for her if she doesn’t want the help. Her disrespect and complete disregard for everyone around her causes such chaos in my home. I need to put my needs first though because I am not good to anyone like this and i will certainly be useless if I relapse. I must chase my recovery like I chased the drug. Sitting in my room feeling sorry for myself will not help me.


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