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Thank you

March 2, 2013

I wanted to thank everyone for your support. I am amazed at how many views I have had since I started this blog. I hope that my story is helping someone somewhere. Maybe if even to identify and maybe think twice about the lifestyle they are living. I cannot get back my years consumed in an altered state, a disturbed unrealistic image of values if any at all, of what the world was like, hazed in a fog of drugs and alcohol. Time did not exist, it did not matter, nothing did, just my next fix and how to achieve more euphoria, how to get higher, how to escape further. I was a hallow shell barely 90 pounds. I cannot believe I am here today, alive, writing my story, telling my story. Thank you, everyone for your support. I truly believe I would not have come this far if it were not for the strength I receive from my friends both far and near.


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