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30 Days – Chapter 4 excerpt “Day 4”

March 3, 2013
57/365: Saved

57/365: Saved (Photo credit: bloody marty mix)

“No matter which you choose or if you’re taking something from several different groups you’re going to need a recovery plan.  Recovery plans are different for everyone.  There is a few commonalities between them such as attending meetings, keeping a journal, having some structure in your life, etc.  SOS stresses the development of a recovery plan for success in sobriety.”


“This brings us to the topic of lifestyle choices.  It is not just the drug that brought us down, it is the lifestyle choice as well.  The following must change completely, people, places, and things.

All of the people associated with drug use must be cut out of your life.  You cannot talk to them on the phone.  Many people choose to change their phone number.  You cannot go to their houses, or anywhere they are.  Which is where places comes into it.  Any places you associate with drugs you need to avoid.  Things that you need to stay away from our obviously paraphernalia.  Some people stop listening to certain music or songs because it will trigger them.  For example I used a mirror that was small and square to sniff drugs off of or to crush up pills and then use a card to push it off onto the spoon.  I had to throw that mirror out.”


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