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30 Days of Recovery Book – March 4, 2013 update

March 4, 2013

I am currently in the last stages of editing my book.  I hope to have it off in the mail to my grandmother soon to be edited.  She is brutal and honest, she believes in this book and approved my original draft.  She is extremely pushy about getting it published.  I am working daily on editing it but I feel like it is an endless cycle because I am constantly learning new things.   I feel like it is a great resource, a wonderful place for a newcomer to find information and help with their first 30 days in recovery.  Part of the other purpose is a tactic of distraction   Distracting the recovering addict by giving them something useful and understandable set up as a day by day guide if you will, each day a new topic, each day a new task.

I am hoping to publish it as an E-Book on by the end of the month.  The only hold-up would be my grandmother, I’m sure she will have plenty to say and add and find every little grammatical error.  This is a good thing, I need this kind of feedback.

Which brings me to my next point or request rather.  I would like feedback on what I have blogged, the entries I have given everyone a glimpse into.  If possible can some of you skim over what I have already shown on 30 Days of Recovery and give some serious constructive criticism?  Thank you!

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  1. If you do not want your advice or comments public, please feel free to send me a private message on my facebook page


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