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30 Days of Recovery – Chapter 9: Get Active!

March 29, 2013
Walking in Shilda

Walking in Shilda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 9: Get Active

You may not be feeling completely 100% yet but you are getting there one day at a time.  Every day you are clean is another day toxins are leaving your body and the “drug fog” in your brain is lifting.  Today you should get up and stretch, reach your arms to the sky, arch your back and yawn.  That feels so good right?  Stretch like this a few times a day.  Stretch then wiggle your toes and fingers.  This stretching and wiggling is helping increase your circulation and muscle tone.

Clear your mind from the mind conversations which are the racing thoughts of what you need to do today, the grocery list, changing the oil in the car, getting the sink unclogged, errands to run, phone calls to make, etc.  Try to acknowledge these thoughts but do not dwell on them, face them.  Write them down and push them out of your head.

Go for a 10-15 minute walk and do not think about doing it, just do it, walk out the door and go.  “Zone out,” while you are walking.  This is a form of meditation which you want to learn to calm your racing thoughts that keep you up at night and stressed out during the day.   In the evening you can actually address these thoughts by writing them down in your journal in the form of a “to do” list.  It works wonders for you to be able to fall asleep faster.

As you are walking, “Zone out,” and take deep cleansing breathes.  Literally stop and smell the roses. Enjoy your surroundings no matter what time of year it is.  In the winter be grateful for the crisp air and the glittery snow.  The spring time you may find pleasure in the sights and smells of the rebirth of nature form the cold winter.  When summer rolls around take in the bright colors and beautiful greenery that surrounds you.  Next the fall explodes with rich warm colors of orange, yellow, red, and browns.  The color pallet of nature no matter where we live is something to have great gratitude for.


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