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30 Days of Recovery – Chapter 10: “Let’s Clean House!”

April 3, 2013
Religion Stencil

Religion Stencil (Photo credit: murdelta)

“…….Is your living space a mess?  How long has it been since you really cleaned it?  Maybe you have been tackling projects a little bit at a time that are on your list of things to do. Some of you may start today in small projects, some of you may have already begun this process.  Do not look at the whole place and overwhelm yourself.  Some people may have a house, some a small studio, an apartment or a rehabilitation facility, live in a shelter, a halfway house, etc.  Regardless of where you live, it is your space and your space should make you feel comfortable.  There should also be a sense of security and feeling safe in your home, if you do not feel safe with your living conditions you should address the problems with your situation.  It affects your recovery. …..

…….Practicing prayer daily serves many purposes.  You need to acknowledge that you cannot do this alone no matter what your beliefs are.  Try asking for help and guidance for others.  I think of someone who is struggling, isolated, sad, sick or has other ailments and I ask for them to receive the care, love, strength and support they need to recover.  Prayer to a Higher Power, Mother Nature, the sky, your program, whatever you choose, will help you to get out of yourself and begin your spiritual healing.

Remember that spirituality is not religion; they are completely separate ideas and definitions.  Spirituality can be part of your religion, it ties into religion but spirituality is within you and your beliefs, values, morals, etc.  Organized religion or any religion for that matter involves things; a church, alter, priests, patrons, beliefs of a group of people, music, The Bible or The Koran, etc.

Spirituality is a feeling inside you, or an experience you have. It is how you relate to the world, it is about love for yourself and others, it is something that is deep within you.  It also has a deep connection to your senses; it is your conscience, your true inner self.  You can take that inner spirituality and develop it, heal it and it can tie into your religion but it is not religion. …..”


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