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Daily Prompt – Describe your ultimate escape plan

April 4, 2013

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

Packing the car quickly, with only the most important things, I make the mad dash back into the house.  The door swings open and everything seems so important.  Every picture frame, every mug, a vase with fake flowers.  As I look around, I walk slowly towards the fireplace, my eyes are fixed on one thing.  The family photo on the mantel, an eight by ten moment in time, captured perfectly.  I picked it up and wiped the dust off of it.  My panic subsided, my fear faded and I thought about that day.  It had taken five hours to prepare for that split second shot.  Everyone was pissed off, no one wanted to do it.  In retrospect, I should have known then.  A picture looks like so happy to someone who dose not know what goes on behind closed doors.  A tear rolled down my cheek, it shook me back into reality.  I put the photo back face down and turned around.  I marched across the living room and grabbed the last bag on the floor.  I grabbed the door handle and stood in the door for a moment.  I kept starring and the horn blew behind me, “Mom let’s go!” I smiled and slammed the door.  “Coming Mariah,”  Her sunglasses made her look famous, long black hair and perfectly manicured nails tapped the edge of the window.  All the windows were down, no air conditioning in this beastly car but it will get us there.  I hopped down the porch stairs smiling, “Sam, get your seat belt on, we have a lot of road to cover before Corbin gets there next week!”  I jumped in the car behind the steering wheel. “Ready?” I looked over at my beautiful daughter, she let out an exasperated sign and rested her head on her hand, “Uh, yea, have been for like 15 minutes,” and looked in the rear view mirror. Sam sat between the dogs, “Couldn’t we have put them in the Rider truck?  “Oh you love your buddies, sit back so I can see,”  I backed the car up and pulled out of that driveway for the last time.  They were acting like teenagers but they had been looking forward to this, I was the one who needed convincing.  We had carefully planned this escape for weeks now.  Our escape from this life, our escape from hell, we couldn’t wait to get out, and we did, we made it out alive.  We were finally safe, free and happy.  I followed my dream and we made it out.


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