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Implementing Change

April 16, 2013

Buddhism (Photo credit: shapour bahrami)

I have spent the last week or so trying to make positive simple changes in my daily life or routine.  I have been set free of a binding relationship that I thought was beneficial in many ways, unfortunately or fortunately, my personality, behavior and general mood screams otherwise.  Many people noticed this change in me that I did not see.  I was smiling, leaving my house, visiting friends, communicating with people and reaching out.  I have been given the opportunity to reinvent myself.  I am choosing to do this through my Christian beliefs and my Buddhist beliefs.  Simply put, I believe in both, so I am implementing both in my daily life.

!. Mediation and prayer – I begin and end my day with meditation and prayer which I am practicing.  I also do this throughout the day as needed.  At night, I review my day and decide where I went wrong, what needs to be confessed, then I can give it to God and purify my mind for a good night’s sleep.  I open my day with meditation and prayer to thank God for another day, I ask that He guide me, I pray for those who are in need.  I ask for strength to continue my journey towards freedom of self-abuse in its many forms.

2. I cannot control everything – I do things throughout the day according to a “go with the flow” attitude, things happen, so when someone throws a monkey wrench in my plans I try to smile and reevaluate what I need to rectify the situation and balance my karma from the previous day.  I have to be creative and respond quickly sometimes.  Life is not mapped out on a calendar like it was before when I needed all the structure I could get.  Now, things are different.  Sometimes events occur that I cannot control.  I stop and relax, reevaluate and respond.

3. Today may be my last – I want to live it to the fullest.  That does not mean I am going to go out every day and experience all that I can because I may die.  It means I want to enjoy life, everyday and not take it for granite anymore.  If that means I want to read a good book in the afternoon instead of tackling the list of things-to-do, that is just fine.  I am enjoying a good book on a rainy day.  Honestly, the laundry can wait, I can do one or two loads and still enjoy my book.

4. I refuse to Allow Negativity Willingly Into My Life – Negative people, negative thoughts, negative attitudes are not how I want to live my life.  I choose happiness and I want to attract happiness into my life.  I say I refuse to allow it willingly, because sometimes it is unavoidable.  That is alright, we can cross that bridge with patience and gratitude.  Faced with problems is something we all have to do, I personally love to hid from it.  That is no way to live, I face my problems today.  I take them on one at a time and ask for help.

5. Change Takes Time – Implementing change takes patience and time.  It cannot occur overnight.  You can implement a change daily or weekly.  It all depends on you, the change you are making and what it entails…be creative with it, make it all yours.

Live, laugh, love…everyday!


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  1. Great inspiring post thank you!


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