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Cookie Cutter Recovery

April 18, 2013
Faces in the crowd

Faces in the crowd (Photo credit: .shyam.)

We have been through hell.  We used and lost everything, jobs, home, family, our children, and much more, we lost ourselves, if we even had ourselves in the first place.  Then we decide we are only gong to do one program, that program holds the keys to ultimate freedom from active addiction.  As stressed in previous blogs, go and check it out before you down it.  Not just one or two, see what is really offered.  Take what works for you and leave the rest.

Even the big book in Alcoholics Anonymous says, “We do not have a monopoly on recovery.”  Maybe when need to take a little here and a little there.  The most important thing is to stay clean and sober, to learn how to forgive and love yourself.  This does not happen overnight that is why it is so important to make the connections with other recovering addicts, to build a support network and find a program that works for you.  I have heard so many people say that Narcotics Anonymous is not for me because of the “God thing.”  What about everything else in the program?  It is not the only program but it is a great place to start, to build supportive relationships with other recovering addicts and to find a new way of life.

I am not suggesting flopping around in the wind picking and choosing tad bits from each program and put together your own, by yourself.  It was our poor judgement and thinking that got us here…how on Earth could we think that we have the power to create a program of recovery, alone.  I am saying try different programs but become a part of, if something does not work for you talk about it, express it, “if it does not apply, let it fly.”  There is no such thing as a cookie cutter recovery  because people are not identical.  Therefore, how can their recovery be identical?

I attend several different programs, meetings and self-help groups.  I am a methadone patient as well.  Many people believe that all methadone is doing is replacing the drug.  I disagree, I am living proof.  I rarely have cravings and when I do I have the tools from my program of recovery to combat those feelings.  I am in therapy, dealing with things that have happened that I refused to face.  I am learning to live by new principles in life, principles from my Christian beliefs and my Buddhist beliefs.  I am a student of life now.  Will it work for you?  Maybe not, maybe some things you do not agree with.

Obviously I am outspoken, I speak everything and anything.  I feel that it is the only way that I can face it, deal with it and move on.  Others cannot do this, are not comfortable speaking to a group of strangers about their problems, let alone their addiction.  My suggestion is to listen, to practice, a little here a little there.  Baby steps in everything, always.  Change does not occur overnight, we did not get here overnight.  Our twisted thinking will keep us stuck in an endless cycle of Hell if we do not make changes.  You have to find what works for you, no one can tell you, you have to experience it yourself.  Everybody is different, everybody’s addiction is different, rock bottoms are different and so there is no blueprint, carbon copy recovery program for everyone.  We have guidelines, we have steps but it is not the same for everyone.


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