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The Road Less Traveled

April 21, 2013


The Road Less Traveled

Sitting at a drumming session in Delaware Park, I’m drumming away…then I pick up a hola hoop…havin fun! I was distracted by my surroundings. I had to explore this park that I have never been to during the day. The daisies and tulips are popping up, the wind is blowing…it is April! The sun feels amazing, oh how I have missed you!

I found a path, a “y” in the trail, one is paved, the other is mud and stone. I think I’ll take the road less traveled. The tiny path begins to disappear into the woods, the drums are playing in the distance. I see the other side, it’s beautiful, the water shining and flowing soundlessly.

I am sitting on the grass soaking up the beauty around me from taking the road less traveled. ~Amy~


From → My Story, Recovery

  1. The road less traveled has such huge symbolism. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the drumbeats of the world. It does say “less” traveled though. It can be comforting to know others have been down this road before.; some are traveling it with you; and more will follow you. It’s a path to peace, recovery and salvation.


    • Yes, it is comforting to know that I am not hacking away blindly at a path where I cannot see where it leads. Everybody needs a little direction, like with the 12 steps and the Eastern Philosophy that I am studying. For the first time in recovery I truly understand the meaning of “just for today.” I love living in the moment and enjoying life. I catch myself beginning to regret all I have missed, all the time I have wasted but I never would be living this life if I had not gone through that one.


  2. Music is big for me too. Check out Josh Garrels ‘Rise’ …it’s my recovery song.


  3. Here is the youtube address to the song.


  4. Regrets…ahhh, yes. Sometimes, I lament 42 years wasted or at least not lived to the full. Then I turn around; look down the road ahead; smile; throw my backpack over my shoulder and think let’s see what’s around that next bend. It’s gonna be an adventure.


    • I finally feel that way it life. I am just learning how to love myself and this day, I am curious about what is next but I try to stay in the here and now. I have spent too many years worrying about yesterday and tomorrow.


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