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12 Steps To A Better Day

April 30, 2013

I do not believe in the old saying, “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”  This sets the mood for your entire day.  I have67524_10151402973816864_1748626304_n put together twelve things you can do each day to help avoid emanating negativity.  When you are in a bad mood it usually seems as though everything that could go wrong does.  Molehills turn into mountains, frustration grows, you snap at people and causing more unnecessary drama in your life.  By the end of the day you are stressed, frustrated and take it out on your family.  Now you have problems with your family and World War III has begun in your home.  Here are some ways to avoid all of this.

1. Train yourself to get up before your alarm.  Wake up before the sun everyday and greet it when it comes up.  Say good morning to the sun, thank the sun and feel the warmth of the sun.  If it is a rainy or snowy day you can still greet the sun, when it starts to get light out say good morning to the sun, the rain or snow, it all has beauty.  The rain, snow and sun are all big players in the circle of life.  So thank the weather whatever it may be and be grateful for it.  Imagine all that the sun, rain and all the elements of weather do for us.  Find beauty in the sun, the snowflakes and rain.

2. Stretch to a song you like and move to the music.  Before you go outside to greet nature, you need to loosen up.  Sit up and stretch your arms to the sky, slowly start to move your body to the music, swaying and reaching your arms up.  Then try dancing to everything you do while you are getting ready for the day.  Dance while you are walking to the bathroom, dance while you are picking out what to wear.  It will loosen you up, give you some natural anti-depressant hormones flowing and help renew your system, getting it ready for the day ahead, no matter what it may entail.

3. Meditate and pray every morning after you have gotten up, stretched, danced and greeted the sun.  Pray for others in need, specific people with  specific problems and their families.  Give thanks and gratitude for things in your own life.  Ask for the strength and guidance to live God‘s (or your higher power) will for you.  Spend at least 15 minutes in prayer and meditation in the morning to begin your day.  Use guided meditations at first to help train yourself if you do not know how to meditate.  I like one called “Start your day – Guided Meditation” on youtube. You can find it at this link . Promise yourself to do better then you did yesterday and live well, doing the right thing for the right reasons not because it is the right thing but because you want to do the right thing.

4. Plan your day.  Think about and jot down the things you have to do today.  Then jot down the things you want to do.  Make sure you take care of your responsibilities but know the difference between have to and want to.  Do not pressure yourself to make the bed and finish the laundry if it is a beautiful day outside and you would rather go for a walk.  Go for the walk first, then when you get home you can do the laundry and make the bed.  Find balance in your day between things you have to do and things that make you happy.

5. Eat something for breakfast.  I have never been a big breakfast person.  It is so important to even eat a bagel or a piece of toast.  I try to grab a piece of fruit on the way out the door too.  It helps me to remember to eat by taking my vitamins and supplements with a little something in the morning.  That way they will not upset my stomach and help absorb and digest the vitamins.

6. Try to get outside and get some fresh air, even if it is only for a few minutes.  No matter the weather, soak it up and be grateful for it.  If you can spend time walking or getting into nature and appreciate your natural surroundings it is even better.

7. Do something nice for a stranger.  Open a door for someone, offer to help someone with their groceries.  If someone is struggling to pay for their items, throw the few dollars or change down for them.  Say hello to people as you pass them and smile!

8. Write a gratitude list.  Everyday thank your higher power for the gifts in your life, be thankful for your life and another day to enjoy it.  Think about the people in your life, family members and animals.  Of course we are grateful for our material things, we worked hard for them but that’s just stuff, it can be replaced, people and our furry friends cannot be.

9. Journal everyday.  Journaling about your feelings and emotions even if it is a few short lines, is so important.  A monotonous detail of the days events is not really that therapeutic.

10.  Learn something new.  Try to experience and learn something new today.  Make an effort to learn about something that interests you that you have never had the time to look at or read about.

11. Mediate and cleanse your mind.  Every evening cleanse your mind by releasing any bad thing you said, thought you had or bad thing you did during the day.  Ask for forgiveness and give it to your higher power.  Promise not to do it again but not unless you are certain you will not do it again.  Do not make a promise you cannot keep instead promise to try not to do it again.  Commit to doing better the next day and change your ways to not do those things anymore.

12. Go to bed at the same time every night.  Write down any thoughts that are bothering you or things you have to do that you are worrying about.  You can deal with them tomorrow and have a peaceful sleep tonight.

Try these 12 steps to a better day and see if you feel better.  Change does not occur overnight and my sister recently told me that to change a behavior or implement a new habit it can take three weeks of practice for it to become a new habit   Try implementing these changes slowly and letting it flow into your daily routine.


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  1. That going to bed part is hard for me. Need to work on that for sure.


  2. I know, it took awhile for me and I always mess it up by napping too long in the afternoon!


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