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Amanda Berry: Mother’s Instinct Strongest Bond There Is

May 8, 2013

I do not watch the news but late Monday night is a night I will never forget.  I was scrolling through my news feed on my facebook 130507053648_amanda-berryand came across a story on three women held captive for 10 years had been rescued.  I saw the interviews and kept checking back on different news sites for updates.  I was curious about the six year girl who was apparently Amanda Berry’s daughter, Jocelyn.

Amanda is the one who had the courage to take charge and break free with the help of neighbor, Charles Ramsey, a true American hero.  He helped kick the door in and get Amanda and her daughter to safety.  Soon she called 911 and the other girls, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus were rescued as well.

Through all of this news coverage I kept thinking about Amanda and her daughter.  I did the math and it is apparent that Amanda gave birth six years ago on Christmas to a little girl, in a basement, in captivity without any medical assistance.  It is true, today there is coverage on Jocelyn and she is in fact Amanda’s daughter and was born in captivity.

Amanda taught her daughter in secret. Jocelyn loved playing “school” with her mother.  This is such a bittersweet story of strength, survival and love.  Obviously these women will have a life long bond creating a family with each other while in captivity.  Amanda doing the best she could to give her daughter the knowledge that she had which her education stopped at the time of her kidnapping, ten years ago while she was just 16 years old.

The bravery she has displayed in not only caring for herself while carrying her unborn child but giving birth in what we can only speculate as a dungeon   The courage is just amazing, this is such an emotional story.  This is nothing less then a miracle.  Whatever your beliefs may be, I think it is time to search your soul deeply and realize how fortunate you are.  No matter who you pray to, these three women and the little girl need our prayers and support.  They are going to need so much love and healing.  Pray for their recovery from this traumatic experience.  This is an amazing time of hope and blessings, words cannot describe the emotions surrounding all the events.  Amanda’s poor mother literally dying of a broken heart, never knowing what happened to her daughter.  Just heartbreaking.


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  1. Jaycee Dugard also comes to mind, She raised her two little girls and did everything she could to teach them, after being kidnapped at age 11.


  2. Wow, I never heard of her. I will be researching that case today as well. I am trying not to get involved in the media frenzy but I feel such a concern for these women and the little girl. I do not watch the news, It is called a news fast from Dr. Weil’s advice several years ago. The news is so depressing and the stories that should be front page such as medical and scientific break throughs never make the front page. It is always about violence and depressing issues. I choose what to read if something interesting catches my eye on the internet, I will click on it, then research it to find the truth. I turned on CNN yesterday for the first time in over a year and watched live coverage of Gina DeJesus coming home. I felt terrible invading that poor girl’s privacy as she ran into her house with her hoody over her head. She obviously has been through hell and the media camped out on her front lawn is not going to help in her ability to begin healing. We should leave them alone and let the healing begin. Needless to say I turned off the TV and I have not turned the news back on since. Thank you for the information on Jaycee, she too is a hero. A mother in the face of such awful circumstances shines through to teach her children as a sign of hope that they will one day have a normal life, beautiful..


  3. helnbak permalink

    ~Amazing strong women, it goes to show you never know how strong you are until you have to be, for yourself or others.


    • This really put things in prespective for me, things can get bad but I cannot imagine the horrors these girls have experienced in the past 10 years. It makes our problems look so insignificant.


  4. I stopped reading newspapers many years ago due to the horrific crimes on innocent people. Sadly, because we stop, doesn’t mean the violence stops. These women are very brave. I applaud you for making such progress in your own life and thank you for liking my review of Me & Him. Karen puts an amazing face to recovery!


    • Yes, I am looking forward to reading Me & Him. I’m working on a new book myself about my life in active addiction (actually I have 100s of pages of random stories and thoughts completely unorganized and a mess) and I’m trying to steer away from the shock value technique so many addicts use in their books. IV drug addiction is a taboo subject and I feel like the books out there are more riveted around the shocking details of the lifestyle. Obviously it will be unavoidable but I want to write it in a way that shows I am human, maybe show its’ affect on my relationships with people and how quickly the progression of the disease destroyed not only me but my solid life long relationships, family, my career…maybe from an angle of how I changed with the progression of the drug use and how my relationships changed…I’m not sure. First I have to organize all these notes and pages and try to make sense of it all!


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