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Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight: What Now?

May 9, 2013

Amanda, Gina and Michelle are surrounded by cameras.  Their lives were not difficult enough that they have to endure the media WPTV_Michelle_Knight_Gina_DeJesus_Amanda_Berry_20130508121017_320_240frenzy that has broke out from this incredible story.  I pray the hype  dies down so that they can begin to heal.

We see proof of this as Gina rushes from the van into her home yesterday with her hood up over her head.  Obviously she does not want to be seen or talk to the press.  These girls and their families need to heal.  They need therapy and love.  They need our support and right to their privacy.  They did not ask for this, they were kidnapped and held against their will for 10 years.

People who strive for fame or the limelight, actresses and actors, politicians and other public figures, expect media coverage of their lives.  These women did not ask for this media frenzy and they are probably in shock.  They need to begin their recovery and we should respect their right to privacy.  They need to feel safe and secure.

We can help these women and Amanda’s young daughter by staying away from what happened to them in captivity, we all can assume what happened, especially since Amanda gave birth to Jocelyn in captivity six years ago. We do not need the details of the case.  What is important is they are home, they have been rescued and they are home with their loved ones.  They deserve our respect and right to privacy.  They need to begin their long and painful recovery now.l


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