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my kids ideas for a story using an adjective & a noun

May 11, 2013

My sons gave me these ideas for stories using a noun and an adjective. Sidenote, Slender is Corbin’s favorite, most terrifying video game character.

Sam’s – ” write about the orange, striped cat named Grizzy from his point of view”

Corbin’s – “a picture of Slender that comes to life in the frame”

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  1. Hey, Grizzy sounds interesting..lots of plots could be made around an orange, striped Cat! But, I like Corbin’s idea..could do something “spooky” with that!


    • Grizzy is our orange stripped cat and he is hilarious. He is the most laid back cat I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and joining my family. He lets the kids carry him around like a baby in their arms, he sleeps in the strangest places, in fact I think on my facebook page there is a picture of him sleeping in a wreath that fell off the wall. I would give anything to know what goes through this cat’s mind, he is like a hippie cat or something!


    • Or a reincarnated Zen master or Dali Lama! Maybe even the Buddha himself!


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