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The Epic Awesomeness Award!! Rock On!

May 11, 2013

I have recently been nomination for the Epic Awesomeness Award.  Why? Well, I have been asked to list tell resasons or things about myself that would qualify me for such an award.


1. I write about real emotions and try to let people know what works for me on journey through recovery.

2. I describe situations that really happened to me that readers can relate to and identify with.

3. I dance every morning after I meditate to new music, old music, fun music.

4. I blow bubbles for my animal friends everyday and laugh hysterically at them as they try to catch them.

5. I love my teenage kids, they did not drive me crazy but they’re my crew and biggest fans no matter what I do, unconditional love!

6. I go outside everyday, even if it’s just to say good morning to the world.  Most days I try to get into nature and hike around.

7. I love exploring new places.

8. Did I mention I dance in the morning? I also dance and sing louder then the music in my car.

9. I love fruit roll-ups! Especially the tongue tattoo ones!

10. I try to learn something new everyday and write about it.

I would also like to nominate some people for this award:

If I nominate you go to and then I encourage you to do the same thing, tell us ten groovy things about yourself, ten EPIC things then nominate ten people as well.

The nominees are…


Good Luck nominees!!!





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  1. Penny Hartman permalink

    Congratulations Amy, a well deserved nomination and I’m sure you will be the one to receive it. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


    • Thank you Penny! I thought it was amusing, such a fitting title “Epic Awesomeness Award”, priceless! That is so me, epically awesome! Hilarious!


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