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30 Days: Chapter 8 Learning to Live Clean

May 12, 2013

An Excerpt From “30 Days of Recovery – Chapter 8: Learning to Live Clean”

English: A woman walking a prayer labyrinth

English: A woman walking a prayer labyrinth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…You are beginning this new life and the obsessive thinking, urges and cravings will be lifted eventually.  Every day you do not use you are getting stronger, you are becoming different and creating a new life for yourself filled with endless possibilities.  Negative thinking and using drugs got us into trouble but it did not happen overnight.  It was a process that descended into the lifestyle and physical addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Try to maintain a patient calm state of mind and remember to just stay here in this moment.  Do not worry about tomorrow or what has happened in the past today is all that is important and today you made the decision not to use for the next 24 hours.  Change takes time, practice and patience but it will come if you have a recovery program and support network.  Your support network is going to blossom and it may feel lonely right now but try to focus on what you have to be grateful for.

….Another aspect to learning to live clean is beginning to practice praying.  This is a spiritual practice, not a religious one.  You do not have to pray to God.  You can choose anything to be the focus of your prayer or maybe you just do not know or were raised Christian but not sure if you believe in it.  Remember it has nothing to do with God or any religion, it is a spiritual practice.  It is the practice of faith in a power greater then yourself that can help you every day.

You can turn to this “power” and not even have the slightest clue what it is and you can still pray to it.  So practice saying a prayer every morning and every night even if you do not believe in it or have a higher power.  You are practicing, that is all.  In you prayer give thanks for another day clean and ask for the strength to stay clean for that day.  Keep practicing putting your faith in something other than your physical self to help you; it can be anything, nature, heaven, mother Earth or something simpler such as your program of recovery or your relationship between yourself and your sponsor.  It does not matter; the prayer is to help with your spirituality and the ability to get outside of yourself.  It is to begin to see past yourself and have faith in the power of your program or nature, anything greater then yourself.

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