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Facebook ~ Fun and Harmless or A Place For Drama and Chaos?

May 14, 2013

I am spending more and more time on WordPress these days.  I am seeing a much more professional atmosphere here.  I get very Drama-does-not-just-walk-into-your-life.frustrated with the drama and “texting wars” that occur on Facebook.  I used to be guilty of it.  As a recovering addict when we cannot find drama and chaos, we create it.

I have been “cleaning house” on my Facebook page, eliminating those who post on their baby mama drama and “yo this ho” stuff continues to find its way into my newsfeed and notifications.  No thank you, I do not need daily updates on the current gossip of so and so.  Some I do not block or unfriend, I merely go to their page and place my mouse over the “Friends” button.  A menu pops up and you can uncheck notifications and newsfeed updates from that person without offending them or hurting their feelings.

I understand that Facebook is a social media site that is for use on updating people on the goings on in your life, uploading pictures and videos, it’s fun and amazing!  I love Facebook and if it were not for Facebook I would not have been able to get in contact with so many people that I have not seen in years.

I think for the recovering addict, Facebook can be a dangerous place of chaos and drama if they allow it to be.  As I said I am 100% guilty of getting involved in such battles myself in the past.  I also do not want to spend my time scrolling through countless notifications that I have absolutely no interest in, it’s a waste of time.  What I mean is game and app requests along with notifications about he said she said stuff.  There is a way to eliminate this unwanted clutter as well.

Go to your app center and delete your requests for games and apps.  As you do so, click on the block button as well.  In the future you will no longer receive requests for these games and apps.  I find them to be a waste of time and annoying because every other notification I receive is some sort of request.

The most important point of this point I want to get across is that it is the same in cyberspace as it is in the real world.  People, places and things.  Be careful who you associate with online and who you allow access to you page.  Itis especially difficult when your name comes up in a post and you so badly want to respond.  I still get that flushed face of anger and want to jump right into the chaos to defend myself, walk away and block them, pull them out of your newfeed and notifications.  Your anger will pass and you will feel much better then if you had wasted your time getting involved in that online drama.

Avoiding drama online is something I have not really heard about in the rooms.  It does seem to be a growing problem though.  Maybe we should start talking about it and we should all be setting an example of what social media should really be used for which is letting people know what’s going on with you, sharing family photos and videos, reconnecting with old friends and even using it to connect to other social media sites or like here at wordpress, sharing links to your wordpress blog to reach more people and spread your message.

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  1. helnbak permalink

    We had a really interesting lecture about this on my uni course (a few years ago now so trying to remember); but the main point was that people are actually much more outspoken, offensive, or downright nasty on the internet than they would be face-to-face; two reasons, firstly no one can actually physically attack them from that position (!), also there is a part of them that can’t see or comprehend the reaction at the other end and has no real recognition that they are hurting or affecting a real live person. It sounds crazy because we all know there are people on the end, and it’s not too clever, but the reality is unless people actually see an emotional reaction from others, they sort of think they aren’t really affecting anyone on a subconscious level. That’s the basic idea anyway.
    Sorry that was bit of a ramble there but I think it’s interesting why people behave as they do on facebook as well. Personally I just keep the friends to a minimum and only have people on there that I’m pretty close to – ok I don’t have hundreds of friends but quality is better than quanitity in this case I think.


    • This is amazing, it’s exactly what I’m trying to say and I did not think about the motives. People do it on their phones too. You’re right, they would not act like that face-to-face because someone might knock them out for running their mouth! Also, electronic communication has always had an affect on me because of that very reason, I can’t see their face! What are they thinking? Did I say it wrong and get the wrong reaction? You cannot tell from the other end of a computer or phone. People communicated with body language just as much as with words and how they say those words. Thank you so much for your response/comment, very interesting!


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