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Chronic Pain and Its Affect On Quality of Life

May 15, 2013
  • Chronic Pain and Its Affect On Quality of Lifepain-map_alphachimp_com
  • My knees hurt and I’m so tired. I need a nap but I cannot even think about sleeping right now, I have too much to do. I am so overwhelmed, I do not know what to start with, which area to focus on or task to conquer first. Life is like that, what do I do first? Which is more important? How am I ever going to get all of this done?

    What if, instead of thinking what are we going to do we look at what we have done. Then realize your potential, you can accomplish these tasks. You have done other pressuring tasks that you finished. You probably felt these same overwhelming feelings. How did you do it? How did you accomplish it? Time management, prioritize, and exclude things that do not need to be done right away.

    My knees hurt so bad and I cannot possibly do this on time. Pain is a terrible thing to endure, it is debilitating and depressing. There are many ways to deal with pain and accomplish your tasks. First, pain, especially joint pain, can be eased with simple antiinflamatories. Getting to a doctor immediately to find out why your knees are painful should be at the top of your list. Of course if the pain is that bad maybe you need to go to the hospital.

    Some tasks can be performed sitting down. Stretching and rotating your knees to help reduce the inflammation and can pay off immensely. Strengthening the weakened areas is a great way to reduce pain. Once you learn different ways to deal with the pain, things will get better. Until then, continue to tackle things one at a time and remember all of the things you have accomplish in the past that overwhelmed you at the time.

    Chronic pain is a terrible thing to live with. It affects every area of your life and can take a very long time to accept. Patience and persistence is the best way to conquer this challenge.

  1. helnbak permalink

    Have you looked at acupuncture or reiki? I’ve found both of these really helpful.


    • No, I have not. I am doing physical therapy right now but it is not helping. I had an awful experience with a surgeon yesterday who was compassionate and caring until I told him I was a recovering addict on methadone. He told me I am not recovering because I am taking methadone everyday. I would like to see him walk one day in my children’s shoes during my active addiction and now, he would not be saying those things if he knew how much they suffered during my relapse last summer. I do not get “high” off of methadone. His exact words were,” Well heroin is the ultimate high, it doesn’t get any better then that but methadone is second best so you are not recovering, you’re still just an addict.”…I was very upset when I left, he was also mad because I would not schedule the surgery that day so he said he would not see me again because he didn’t want me cluttering up his office and that I shouldn’t come back until I decide to get the surgery, he won’t even evaluate me after physical therapy is done…


  2. helnbak permalink

    He’s just completely ignorant and unprofessional and he shouldn’t be talking about things he doesn’t know anything about. I should tell him to stick to what he knows about and that’s fixing knees. And find someone with a professional attitude who you can trust as a surgeon. Try not to take it to heart; he is probably intelligent but not very wise, and probably hasn’t got half the life experience you’ve got in your little finger, stay strong.


    • Thanks, I am…and you’re right, he doesn’t have the life experience that most of us have. We are better, stronger people for it too. I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t experienced everything I have, the good, bad and ugly have all made me what I am today and I love being me today.


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