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Heaven and Hell: Fluffy Clouds and Fire & Brimstone?: I think not, I’ve lived in Hell on Earth…

May 15, 2013
Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I was recently sitting in church listening to the pastor talk about a passage from the bible when he mentioned a rich man with no name.  He went on to say that Jesus does not give him a name because we are stripped of our identities in Hell.  I thought about the ideas and imagoes of Hell and Heaven.  I do not believe Hell is fire and brimstone.  I should know, I have been to hell.

Hell on Earth, I lived it in active addiction.  Isolated and in pain, abandoned by everyone i loved and cared about.  Just me, my drugs, a needle and spoon.  That’s hell, living in active addiction is true and real Hell.  You cannot escape it once the disease of addiction has you by the throat.  You cannot escape it, it progressively and continuously eats away at your soul, like demons hungry for a meal.  How can anyone who is living it or has lived it argue that Hell is individual for each of us it is different.  Why wouldn’t it be the same for the evils of the world that pass on.  I strongly believe we live our own personal Hell over and over again for eternity.

Heaven on the other hand is, well I believe it is, living with loved ones and being reunited in a beautiful world filled with love and kindness.  What could be more bright, warm and welcoming then that?  My sister said to me while I was explaining this theory to her, “There’s not enough room up there for all the dead people anyway, ” true, I guess, unless you believe in a circle of life that is called Reincarnation.  Which makes sense too.  All I know is I know that we do not die and bounce around on white clouds and frolic for eternity.  I also do not believe we burn for eternity in hell being tortured over and over by demons and the devil.  We make our own heaven and hell.


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  1. Penny Hartman permalink

    Great view on it. Makes you do some thinking.


    • Thanks Penny, it makes me feel better to think that heaven is going to be my perfect place with all the people I love!


  2. helnbak permalink

    Too true, I really do believe heaven and hell are right here on earth. I don’t think we deserve to be in hell either!


    • We don’t, we deserve freedom from active addiction, abuse, discrimination…all kinds of nasty things, we deserve happiness.


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