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Stop bullying

May 18, 2013

Wow! What a wonderful boy, so full of courage! This is a wonderful video and I encourage everyone to reblog it. My son tried to stop someone from getting bullied in his class once and the teacher yelled at my son for talking in class. My son recognized this site immediately it’s called Stop Bullying Speak Up from Cartoon Network. I urge everyone to check it out and talk about it!


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  1. We need each other!


  2. Thanks for the reblog. How old is your son? Sounds like a nice kid. 😀


  3. This child is courageous but what saddened me about this video is that he is much too young to suffer this burden. A child should be enjoying childhood. Thanks Amy for following. I will be peeking at your blog too!


    • Thank you, my blog was supposed to be my journey through recovery but it’s been kind of a place for information, tips on recovery, excerpts from my book I’m actually publishing in the next few days and I just try to keep the blog interesting, full of new information, what works for me to keep me on track and clean, there’s some things on my life and things I have been through, hopefully after I publish this book I can begin to sort through the hundreds of unorganized pages for my book on my life during active addiction, it’s very therapeutic.


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