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30 Days of Recovery~Chapter 23: Coping Skills

May 19, 2013

There are many different coping skills available to you.  I will give you some to get you started Imagewith the flood of memories you are experiencing or will be.  First, you need to take some breathes, chances are your having some fairly frequent anxiety.  Go back to your breathing exercises and try this first.  Breathing can be a wonderful tool in aiding with stress management, using urges, frustration, anger, guilt, shame, etc.  These emotions come quickly so meditation at that time, is not going to be effective because you will not be able to concentrate.  Focusing on your breathing can help though.  Again it takes practice before an incident occurs so you can effective use the tool of deep breathing….

…..You do not want to go backwards and use again and that is a danger exposed to you on a daily basis without tools to help you overcome the obstacles both mental and physical ahead.  You need to learn how to deal with life because you have been avoiding it for so long and running back to using is not an option.  That was hell you did not get to hell overnight and you are not going to find peace overnight.  Coping skills are a necessity for when that bill comes that you cannot pay, the phone call from someone who upsets you or your child is in trouble at school again, maybe your car breaks down on your way to an appointment you cannot miss.

Legal issues as well may be creeping up on you and need to be dealt with, warrants, court dates and possible jail time may be in your future and you have to be able to face these problems without relapsing.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say “I’m going to jail soon anyway so I’m gonna party it up till I go,” brilliant.  This is how the disease works though.  It lies to you sure you could spend a few more months in hell before you go but why?  You could spend those months with family, friends and your kids.  I can tell you why because they are not ready to get clean.  When you hit your bottom and you are ready to get clean it does not matter what lies ahead, just for today you want something better, you want to enjoy the time you have.  I mentioned before that I try to live each day like it’s my last day.  I try not to focus on those memories and I try not to worry about the future.  That is the best we can do and the more things we take care of that we messed up while we were getting high, the less we have to worry about.  Take each one on one at a time and as they happen.  Use your tools, stay calm and remember once you have dealt with the issue you can let it go.


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