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Marine Ordered To Dump Toxins Thought His Cancer Was Payback

May 19, 2013

Marine Ordered To Dump Toxins At Camp Lejeune, Thought His Cancer Was Payback

I feel for this marine.  It is a terrible way to die and he did not know that he was dumpingImage contaminated waste into the water system.  I am not sure that I completely believe he did not know what he was dumping.  He had to of known that whatever it was, it was bad.  The problem is he was following orders so what could he have done?  What should a solider do in this situation? Knowing they are doing something harmful, on their own Country’s soil, do they say no? How would they get out of doing it without disobeying a direct order?  I really feel awful for all those people who suffered and for this Marine who died thinking his cancer was karma for the wrongs he had done.  What a terrible dilemma do the right thing and refuse your orders and face not only disciplinary action but probably a dishonorable discharge or do the wrong thing and follow orders.  How sad.


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  1. helnbak permalink

    The biggest harms have been done by people following orders, not by people disobeying them. I think it was Banksy that said that. Anyway, no one deserves to suffer for that; he was an innocent man. However, people who dropped the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima were following orders, Nazis working in the concentration camps were following orders, all men and women who fight in wars and kill in the name of their leaders are following orders and that is the cause of all this suffering. Personally I don’t just blindly follow orders to do the wrong thing. You know when people say to their children, ‘If (she) told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?’. However, I don’t think this man deserved death for what he did, but we do need to question authority and be prepared to stand up against what is wrong, otherwise we will be run by Nazis and tyrants.


    • Very well put, I agree, I feel bad for people put in those positions and they are trained and conditioned to not question just obey…I pray for our soldiers, I support our troops 100%…It would be nice to live in a world of peace and would not need soldiers but we know that will never be possible with evil walking among us, ruling over countries, tyrants and Nazis trying to take over, there will always be people like that in the world, so brave men and women give their lives to protect us from that and sometimes they do the unthinkable because they are following orders…


  2. helnbak permalink

    It’s a personal opinion, but I would say the evil that walks among us exists as much in Western governments who control our media as a propaganda tool to convince the (invariably) poor of our countries to fight for wars which they say are based on protecting freedom and human rights, but which are actually due to control of resources such as oil, greed and financial gain. When a western government bombs a city like Iraq, or villages in Afghanistan into obliteration, it’s called a ‘preemptive strike’, when the people of those countries hit back it’s called ‘terrorism’.
    People and governments on both sides find their own reasons to legitimise killing and violence. If the western public had more sense they would tell the politicians to go out and fight, deal with our own problems closer to home and let other countries police themselves and control their own resources. Anyway, that’s just my opinion! Personally I feel sad for the troops because they are nothing to our governments, just cannon fodder; they don’t deserve to suffer or die. I would say to our leaders, if this war is so important to you, you go on the frontline. I guarantee we would have more peace in the world then, that’s for sure!


    • I agree, put the m-16s in their hands, make it mandatory for politicians who have anything to do with decisions concerning the military, have served in the military… They have no business even being on the ballet if they haven’t served our country. It’s like addiction, how can some snot nosed kid fresh out of school counsel me on drug abuse? Recovering addicts are the best counselors because they not only can identify but the can honestly say I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been on that side of the desk before. Before I lost my School Counseling license I worked strictly with at risk kids with behavior problems in group homes. It was my whole life outside of my own kids and I worked 7 years to get there. I knew how those teenagers felt, I was kicked out when I was 15 years old. I was homeless for two years, lived out of my book bag, came from an upper class family, my father was a politician and business owner just like everyone else in my family, all rich and owned their own companies. And I was sleeping under bridges and bouncin from friend house to friend house. I was pregnant and a high school drop out by 18, everything I had I worked for, GED to a secretary class, to community college to a private university to graduate school to helping kids that I used to be….Now I’m a recovering heroin addict with 3 kids all teenagers themselves. Anyway, I feel you should lived before you give advice, make decisions about war or pass military legislation….you should have first hand experience before you start playing with people’s lives.


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