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Someone Needs You

May 25, 2013

Someone out there needs you to keep living!

Whether you are feeling alone right now, trying to recover or you have loved ones cheering you on, 4b47a2bb0bbf4d8dc2a02413da2fdb0bsomeone out there needs you to keep fighting.  You may not have met them yet.  It could be someone you know but maybe a bond has not yet formed between you but, will.  There are people you have not met, you have met in the past that you may be reunited with and there are people who love you right now.  Life is hard, it is full of trials and obstacles.  It is what we learn from those experiences that help us grow and make us who we are.  Are you going to dwell on those negative experiences?  Or are you going to learn from them and grow?  Whether you are an addict, recovering or not, or suffering from mental health issues, there is hope.  You can do something today.  You get help, reach out and start really living and enjoying life.  Don’t exist, live!


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  1. Recovery does not have to be a lonely many others are traveling in the same direction. If you just reach out, you will find a hand to hold. Beautiful and true post! Thanks!


    • Thank you for reading! I felt so alone after my relapse. I lost everyone except my kids which really should have gone back to my sister’s for awhile but I was selfish and did not want to admit I had become unmanageable again. I had to rebuild some relationships and begin new ones. My family is pretty much permanently out of my life.A few have continued to support me but for the most part I have had to let them go. There is always someone though, whether you are speaking or not, whether you have met or not, there is someone and not just romantic relationships, my bond with my sponsor is so strong and I hurt her so badly I could not bring myself to call her for help. I wish I had sooner. I isolated in my first few months after my relapse and I was so depressed. It took some drastic changes to pull myself up but it is possible with help. No one can recover alone and no one should have to.


      • Heroine is one of the most difficult recoveries…I know many have relapsed, but with help, I have no doubt that anyone can kick it.

        But, you must remember that it is a drug, and you spend the rest of your life and will always need support. It’s when you think you’ve kicked it and go off without support that most relapse.

        Can’t say how proud I am of you.


      • Thank you and I agree 100%, as soon as I got off methadone last year I relapsed. I don’t know if I’ll be on it for the rest of my life but I know I can’t think about that now, I have to stay in today, I can only stay clean right now.I can’t worry about tomorrow or it will drive me insane.


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