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If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

May 28, 2013
  • Clone Wars
  • I would have one to be the mom, one to clean the house, one to go to doctor appointments and then keep the rest with me!Amy Branches
  1. helnbak permalink

    One to freak out about what’s going to happen, one to freak out about what did happen, one to freak out about what’s happening now and me to sit down with cup of tea and chill out. I would lock the other’s in a cupboard and keep them away from visitors so no one would ever know. Unfortunately we’re all rolled into one and nowhere to hide. Bring on modern science 🙂


  2. helnbak permalink

    I think it’s the british sense of humour. Anyway, you’ve got to laugh sometimes else you’d cry, it helps to find the funny side 🙂


    • It really does. We do it in groups all the time. In my Introduction of “A Better Life” you can see there’s a description of me breaking into my sister’s house to get my “works” out of her heating vent in the downstairs bathroom. I wrote it in a humorous way but you can identify with it. It’s pretty funny. It’s about how we try over and over to quit and then we find ourselves breaking into someones house to get a needle at 3 am because the pharmacies are closed and you can’t get a needle because you threw out all of yours early because you were going to quit forever. Then it depicts me clanking the spoons together that are in the sock that I pull out of the heating vent, hit my head, dive for the window, anyway it’s a true story and I wrote about in my book to show people the crazy things we do in active addiction!


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