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Social Media Etiquette: Don’t Let Drama Bite You In The Ass whoops Buttocks

May 29, 2013
Facebook screenshot

Perfect example. What is your first impression of the people depicted in this facebook saga?

Everyday it is in my news-feed, somebody’s baby’s mama did this, yo that b**** got it comin, yea? bring it mo’ fo’…wad up w dat?  What does that even mean? Not only is this a reflection on yourself for future jobs, colleges or even relationships but think about what it is saying about you as a person? The affect you are having on your kids? Your family? Your friends?  If you really want this display of chaos and downright degrading behavior publicly posted in cyber space forever then by all means, continue to show off how tough you are, show off that street thug life you got going on for yourself, well done and you have really set the stage for entertainment and amusement for the rest of us. You keep up the good work and the rest of us will sit back and enjoy the show.  For me this behavior is clicked out of my news-feed, my notifications and usually the person is blocked.  I am, as my sister would say, “embarrassed for them.”

We need to think about these issues before we post something on the internet.  I am guilty of it all, especially during my active addiction days.  It is almost a calling card for me, if I am getting involved in that kind of behavior, something is terribly wrong because I like to think I have learned from my experiences and from others, that what you write, how you are portraying yourself and what you involve yourself with, is a pretty good indicator of what kind of person you are no matter how hard you try to hide behind an internet persona.

How many times have you regretted a post?  Have you asked yourself is this going to cause drama? Is someone going to retaliate? Have I created chaos in  my social media network?  If so you may want to listen to the following concerns and tips.

1. Think Before You Post!  You may even consider beginning your post in a Microsoft Word document.  It will give you time to think about what you are writing.  It will also allow you to ask yourself a few questions.  Are you targeting someone is this post?  If so, are you going to upset them, are they going to retaliate?  You may think you have them blocked or they will not see it but be aware that others will.  Others will forward it, others will publicly repost or reblog and they will text, tweet and talk about it.  You have opened Pandora’s Box.  Before you can blink, the phone is ringing, the text wars start and the drama has begun.  So , is this something you really want the world to read?  Even if you think it is private, it is not, and you have set the stage, you have portrayed an image of yourself and your behaviors in a few short lines.  Bottom line, think it through before you finalize a post .

2. By All Means If You Have Something To Say, Say it!  But, do it in a way that is not going to cause chaos and drama unless of course that is what you seek to do.  Let’s face it, there’s people out there who are trying to hurt someone with words or start a cyber space war but, if you have a platform, a topic that you think is important, that you believe in, be the voice!  Be heard!  Let it out!  If you believe in something then talk about it but, know what you are talking about.  So use your platform wisely and get your point across, spread your message and be heard.  Just check, double check and then check again before you post out of anger or frustration.  If you want to be taken seriously, you have to show sincerity and have knowledge or experience with the topic.  If not, write in the form of an opinion.  I always try, not successfully but I try, to write in the form of opinions or remind people that this is coming from personal experience or interpretations.  Then I add additional places to find information on the topic so the reader can research it themselves and form their own opinions.

3. Grammar And Spelling Check Please!  As with all of the other tips, I am guilty of this as well.  We live in a day in age of using shortened versions of words while tweeting, texting and instant messaging.  If you are blogging, posting on Facebook, remarking, commenting or replying to something, is it really necessary to use poor grammar and spelling? Show off your intelligence folks!  My mother used to tell me that swearing is a sign of a poor vocabulary because you cannot think of a better, more creative word to use.  My grandmother is a retired English professor and she does all of my editing on my work.  I was raised in a home and environment where proper English was not a request, it was a requirement and was reinforced with strict rules about the way we spoke or wrote.  Even in a simple letter, card or “thank you” note, every word and punctuation was subject to criticisms.  Proper English was and is an important reflection of who you are in my family.  Today I still worry about my language, my grammar and my spelling.  I have a terrible time with it.  Fortunately we have tools such as spell checker, which not only checks your spelling but your grammar as well.  Use these tools whenever possible because your written word is a reflection on you.

4. Before You Click, Remember There Is No Going Back!  You may be thinking that your profile is private and you can always go back and delete it.  Trust and believe someone read it, someone reposted it, someone is talking about and it is floating around in cyberspace.  Remember before you finish before you click that very final post button, have you really thought about what you are writing and what you are trying to say and what people are going to perceived it as.  One of the problems with written word is you cannot read body language and you cannot see someone’s reaction from the other end of the device you are communicating through.  Sometimes what we write is taken out of context and you cannot read the person’s facial expression to see their reaction and respond appropriately.

So, speak up!  Before you do though, think, check, recheck and check again before you click because there is no going back once the written word is sent off into the vast dimensions of cyberspace.

In the top left hand corner is a screen shot of a Facebook conversation.  What are your first impressions? (Note: you do not need to use your real name, it is not a required field).


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  1. I’m getting the forms you all filled out in my email but how do we view it online? Along with the post so everyone can see? I think I like polldaddy better and these forms seem to be more for exchanging information with the writer rather then the readers. I apologize, I will use the polldaddy tool from now on.


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