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Heaven and Hell, What Is Your Heaven and Hell?

June 2, 2013
The Great Satan (by Latuff).

The Great Satan (by Latuff). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What would be your perfect heaven? What would be your perfect place to spend eternity? What would be your scariest? What fears haunt your nightmares that you couldn’t bare to live eternity in? Heaven and hell.  We have such different ideas of what they are.

Recently someone gave me a bit of a history lesson on the devil, man’s interpretations of hell and Satan and how they have changed throughout the centuries and the differences in the Old Testament and The New Testament.  It was an interesting conversation.  I try to keep an open mind when people talk about their beliefs because I do not ever push mine on anyone.  I respect their’s, I feel I deserve the same respect. I believe in God but I have questions and I believe in other philosophies that people consider a religions, I do not. I am interested in other religions and philosophies and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I love to explore new concepts and ideas. I take what works and leave the rest just like I do in recovery.

That being said, I like to think about different concepts, philosophies and ideas. What would Nirvana be like? What does Limbo look like? What are other people’s ideas of what they are? I love the concept of reincarnation and coming back to learn and grow.  I love change today (I never used to! I hated it!). So what would be your perfect idea of eternity? Would it be spent with loved ones in a beautiful place called heaven by God’s side? Would it be coming back and living again, reincarnated to learn and grow in another life? And what about hell? Is hell really fire and brimstone? Or is it a place where your deepest fears are lived out? Or maybe you come back as a fly.


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  1. Richard G. Shuster permalink

    Richard G. Shuster I have found both Hell and Heaven, in my heart, mind and spirit. I prefer the Heavenly variety, but suspect I have learned more to date from the results of the self induced Hellish experiences. Now, to take what we have learned and make choices, to incrementally build upon the Heavenly light of the spirit and accept what is the better toward the best of Heavenly future. UNK


    • It’s interesting you speak of choices, something I’ve been struggling with and thinking about recently. I know my choices today are not as compulsive as they used to be. I know my choices today lead to change and change leads to growth but I was worrying myself over what I cannot control which is whether or not my disease was caused by bad choices or my disease caused me to make bad choices. It doesn’t matter though, either way I’m here today and there’s nothing I can do about the past. Dwelling in it is only going to drive me crazy. I needed to get myself out of my past and get back to the here and now.


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