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Helping hand ~ Random Acts Of Kindness

June 2, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness and Helping Hands ~ When did someone show you a random act of kindness or when was the most memorable helping hand you ever received?

My daughter was about a year old. I was struggling to pay the rent, support her and my sister. I worked 6 to 7 days a week in a local bar. I was about to be evicted and I needed $173 by the next morning in order to stay. It was a Monday night, of that I’m sure.

I went to work and new it would be dead and there would be no way I would make the money I needed in tips for the rent. One of my regulars sat at the end of the quiet, dark bar, the rest of the seats were empty. I immediately was sad and disappointed. Why? I don’t know because I knew a Monday night would be dead. What did I expect? A miracle?

My boss’s mother lived in the motel attached to the bar. The kitchen connected the two buildings. She would arch her head up and peek through the small window on the kitchen door. I would see her 50’s hair do sticking up in the window and her thick glasses. She had a very thick polish accent and would point her finger at me with her hand on her hip. She scolded me like a child sometimes. This night would be no different.

I was shooting the breeze with my regular when a stranger came in. He looked homeless, had a large army duffle bag and a ragged army coat. His long beard and long hair gave him a sad look. I served him a rum and coke he asked for, with a coaster and a stir stick. I asked him if he needed anything else, he said no thank you. I went down to the other end of the bar and began to tell my regular about the predicament I was in with the rent. I never once said how much I needed, just that I was surely going to be evicted and I had no where to go with my daughter and sister.

Some time passed and my boss’s mother began poking her head up in the window to scope out the stranger. She called me into the kitchen to lecture me about strangers and how he would be waiting for me in my car when I left or some other terrible fate would befall me if I didn’t get rid of him. I calmed her down, told her everything was fine and to go watch her shows. I assured her I would call her son if I felt uncomfortable.

The sad stranger looked cold, it was a damp nasty night. His glass was getting low so I went to offer him a knew one against the old woman’s instructions. He smiled and waved his hand “no.” Then he reached over and placed something in my hand. He looked into my eyes and said, “This is for you and your daughter.” I looked in my hand and it was a wad of money. I don’t know how long I stared at my hand or when I muttered out “thank you,” but he was gone when I looked up. The screen door had just swung shut and I didn’t see anyone outside of the window. He disappeared into the night. I looked at my regular, he shrugged his shoulders, swigged his last sip of beer and waved good night. I noticed the old woman glaring through the kitchen window. I don’t know how long it took to count the money but when I did, it was the exact amount I needed for the rent, $173.

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  1. Funny, My Blog post yesterday is about Just That, *A Speechless & Generous Act Of Kindness* I guess it’s true that *Great Minds* think alike! Come by and read my post, and it will be one you won’t soon forget! Thanks for sharing this Post. God Bless 🙂


    • I will! That’s amazing, I find that when I’m thinking about something, I write about it, post on it and then share in a meeting or with someone in my support network and there is always a connection. Someone has been struggling with the same thing or been through it or thinking about. Or I’ll hear or read about someone thinking about the same thing! I think it’s my Higher Power letting me know, I’m not alone…


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