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Doing The Right Thing For The Right Reason

June 16, 2013

Last week my laptop was stolen from my room. The guilty party with someone on you from my past. His disease has progressed Very rapidly over the past year. I have distanced myself from him because he is an active addiction And well I was at a meeting during the broad daylight, he broke into my bedroom window and stole my computer off of my bed. I’ve gone through many many emotions since this happened, none of which have been feeling sorry for him. I have said that I would never even in my lowest moment do something like this But that’s not true. I have you been robbed my own sister During my active addiction. I did not call the police on him because I knew I would not get my laptop back. Then after speaking with his brother I realize the only way he’s going to get help is if he goes to jail. his family died me to do so. and my twisted brain I decided not to contact the police because I was angry. The last thing I wanted to do was to help him And filing a police report would help him. it would get him off the street into jail and get him the help he needs before he ends up dead. I didn’t feel this was justice. I didn’t want to get him the help he so desperately needs. after a while I realized that by not doing that I was not being a very good person. I was thinking spitefully and being hurtful. my motives were fueled by revenge anger and rage. I prayed on it I meditated on it and I spoke to other recovering addicts and my sponsor about it. I did the right thing I filed a police report and although I will never see my laptop again maybe he will get the help he so desperately needs.images (31)


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