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Week 1: Smile And Be Kind To Improve Your Life

August 21, 2013


Here is an excerpt from my new book I’m working on to combat depression without heavy sedating medications:……We have all heard, “do on to others as you would have one do on to you.”  The problem is we don’t do it.  In our fast paced, angry society people are full of road rage, yelling at you from inside their car with the windows up as if you can hear them.  They flip you off for casually, safely driving the speed limit.  Everyone is in such a hurry, getting frustrated in the grocery line because you are digging out your coupons and exact change, sweetly asking the clerk how they are and meaning it.  Even though people are mean, it doesn’t justify retaliation on your part.  Do no harm no matter what.  You don’t know what they have been through or why they are so cranky but I guarantee it has nothing to do with you so don’t make it about you by saying something rude.

Leave a legacy of kindness and pass it on.  Do you realize when the little old man smiles and opens the door for you?  Do you say thank you or are you in too much of a hurry to even notice him?  Maybe he just lost his wife of 50 years and he took the time to do something kind for you even though you’re in too much of a hurry to even notice him, let alone say thank you.  When you are at the doctor’s office and there is a long wait, do you get angry with the receptionist or do you patiently accept that it is not her fault that it’s overbooked and feel bad for her because others are not so nice.  Maybe next time you could tell her she has a lovely voice, a nice outfit, or maybe how you appreciate her ability to smile and put up with people’s negative attitudes.

I used to be like that, constantly in a hurry, angry, frustrated and being mean to people when it is so obviously not their fault.  Sitting in traffic honking the horn, banging my fists on the dash, exasperated and full of rage.  Today I live by the rule of thumb, it is what it is. I can only control my behavior and reactions and no one else’s.  I choice to be courteous, patient and kind because if I set that example maybe the person next to me will be nicer, happier and pass it on to the next person they come in contact with and so forth. A chain reaction of kindness has begun! I try to make people smile with a nice compliment or kind gesture, trust me, people notice.  You never know what is going on in their lives and a nice, kind gesture could change their day and warm their heart.


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  1. Very “N.A literature”… Active listening was the daily reading two Sundays ago… Hmmmmmm.
    All good mind you.

    I think the education system needs looking at. If they force us to learn maths four hours a week then surely there should be at least four spent on life skills.

    Interesting that methadone is considered differently from “heavy drugs for depression”. You are addicted to one of the strongest opiates, yet that is okay?

    It is just state funded active addiction. If I gave you free heroin three times a day so you didn’t have a complicated lifestyle with the procurement and clandestine using then would you be in “active addiction” still?

    This whole recovery industry thing is stupid. Look at the problems of WHY we become addicts in the first place.

    Bring back the stigma. Everyone who used smack for a few weeks is out writing recovery books. Let’s move on and prevent the addiction in the first place.



    • Thank you for the insight, you are right, we should be focusing on prevention but unfortunately its a very prevalent and rampant problem. It kills and I want to live. Methadone saved my life, I’m not sure where you got your information but the methadone program is not free, in fact it’s rather costly considering you have to go every day, you are charged for doctor visits, counseling, groups and then there’s transportation, etc. I write books because it helps me and others I don’t see anything wrong with that. I sense you are angry perhaps an addict has hurt you? Whatever caused your pain I’m sorry but please, this blog is a place for encouragement and inspiration. Negativity has no place in my life anymore nor on my social media pages. I hope you find some peace and happiness. Blessed Be! )0(


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