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Week 2: Improving Self Confidence

September 4, 2013


How we present ourselves says a lot about who we are. How we walk, talk, behave, dress and our mannerisms make up others perceptions of us.  Our body language is a large part of how we communicate which is why I dislike texting so much.  Is so difficult to have a conversation without seeing the other person’s body language and on top of it you can even hear the other person’s tone.

People observe our mannerisms and body language as part of who we are without even knowing they are judging us before we even speak.  We you walk into a room full of people they have already made assumptions about not just by what you are wearing but how you walk into the room. This outward appearance speaks volumes about our self confidence.   How we carry ourselves projects an abeyance about us and again people make assumptions before you’ve even spoken to them just by walking into the room.

There’s a saying in recovery to “fake it until you make it,” and I think the same can be said about self confidence and self esteem. talk with your body, your clothes, your walk and most importantly your smile.  If you are unhappy about something and you smile doesn’t it make you feel better? Maybe just a little? A warm nurturing face is inviting, a happy smiling face makes people feel good, comfortable. So, if you’re feeling crappy and your at a wedding or something, put on your happy face and fake it til you make it.

I love to make people smile. It is just ion my nature, I’m a goofy hippie at heart and people always tell me I was born in the wrong era.  I should have been born in the 60’s. I love walking down the street with my happy dogs and listening to music. I sing loud and dance while I’m walking. People drive by and do a double take and smile, sometimes they even wave. I also challenge myself to greet 3 people a day and talk to them.

I do this sometimes while I’m driving and stopped at a light. It’s fabulous we I have my window down and say hello! How are you doing on this beautiful sunny day. Or my personal favorite that my father used to say, “Nice day if it don’t snow!” My bright purple hair, hippie clothes and happy dogs in the back seat scream this girl is on drugs or mentally ill, to some people and they laugh or others see a really happy girl who wants to share the love and they smile. Sometimes people respond and strike up a conversation with me. Either way I’m sharing my good mood and happiness making them feel good and in turn making myself feel good. A happy appearance says you’re a happy person so even if you aren’t happy, fake it til you make it.

Give it a try when you’re feeling blue. Smile and be happy even if you don’t feel like it, people will respond to you in a positive way which emanates a healthy sense of self confidence.  If you continue you will release endorphins which are your happy hormones.  When your happy hormones are released you carry yourself in a confident way and soon you don’t even have to try.


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