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Happiness Is A State Of Mind

September 15, 2013

Bring it! Happiness is a state of being, you can’t get it from acquiring tons of material things, buying a new car, getting a new job, moving, etc. If you aren’t happy where you’re at is that really going to help? Temporarily, yes but, what about in the long run? Life coaches recommend fixing the problems within before making drastic changes in your life.  If you think a new job will help you find happiness give it a year or even 6 months of changing the things that are draining you and stressing you and then decide. Making drastic changes usually just cause more problems because no matter where you go, no matter your job, no matter your friends, you are still you and you are going to bring you with you anywhere you go. You can’t outrun yourself!! So, try a few small changes every week and identifying the energy drains in your life, relationships, responsibilities and situations. Then you brainstorm on how to change those negatives in your life. You cannot change all at once so take your time, explore and take baby steps. Another thing to remember is to breath, meditate, and take care of yourself. If your physicalImage body feels bad, you’re going to feel bad.  Force a smile, change your negative thinking and find the beauty in things, it really doesn’t take much, baby steps to happiness, true lasting happiness.


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  1. Amy as you know things have been very stressful for me between finances, living situations regarding management, emotional and my physical health which have all increased due to the stress. I was at the point of suicide and it was very hard to control myself into not ending my life. I am trying to take one day at a time. Things have some what bettered with my living situation which has helped relieve the severity of the emotional and mental health issues. I will be going to the neurosurgeon on Tuesday to discuss and schedule the surgery for the seizures which they have told me can also reduce the depression, anxiety, flashbacks, tiredness and most important the seizures. They will be able to reduce the strength of some of my medications which will also help due to the side effects they cause. So I am looking forward to better days ahead. When I read your posts it gives me hope and uplifts my spirits and helps me to look at things in a whole different way and I am very thankful to you for the reminders that things can get better down the road but it is not going to happen all at once. THANKYOU !!!!!!!!


    • Hello Penny, I’m so bad about responding on Word Press, but I”m so glad that these posts are reaching so many people, FB is great for chatter, catching up and contacting family and friends but this is where it’s at, I’m overwhelmed by the continued support here, it’s wonderful. You are a trooper Penny, my dad used to call women like me & you survivors, we are so strong but when we look in the mirror it’s so hard to see it, we’ve suffered it’s true but we must continue, we must learn to live now not just survive, I’m going to message you on FB, there’s something happening in my life that has prevented me for being on here recently and only close family & friends know, it’s been a very big struggle for me dealing with this certain family member’s addiction and denial, it’s not something I can walk away from, I also just got out of the hospital yesterday, I have a weak heart muscle that’s causing me to have these mild “heart attacks” and episodes of severe chest pains, my heart is literally breaking but I will survive, I have to the alternative is so scary, I’ve been in your shoes, just this past month in fact, the thoughts of suicide to rid the pain and suffering and prevent more for my sons and hopefully save my daughter, would not leave my mind, I felt they’d be better off without me, that my lack of discipline, my bipolar & depression, panic attacks and ups & downs are too much for my kids and they’d be better off without me but it’s not true, we have to learn to love ourselves and no matter what tomorrow is new and whatever we’ve done, or felt we have it within our power to change it, life is full of choices, that’s all choices, we come to forks in our journey all the time, everyday, every hour and we live with the consequences of those choices, learn from them and make better ones the next time, even when the choices seem like they aren’t really a choice, the choice or whether or not to get the surgery, the choice to get out of bed or not, the choice to not answer the phone, the choice to cut someone out of our lives for the greater good, I had to make that choice, some say that if someone is using to walk away, it’s not that simple when it’s someone who is legally your responsibility but more importantly, who is tied to you forever through hearts & blood, how do you walk away? How can you? How can you live with the choice between your own children, knowing one may die without you but with you the other two could loose everything….reminds me of a story from Nazi Germany, a Nazi gave a woman a choice between her two children, a boy and a girl, she had to choose which one lived and which one died, I don’t remember what she chose but I think about that alot lately, I think I wouldn’t have been able too, that I’d rather all three of us die then one but today, in my situation, I chose, and it seems so easy to others but to ask a mother to choose between her children knowing in her gut that one is going to die, how can I in good conscious live with that decision? It’s awful but it’s life and we have to keep going no matter how badly we want to stay in bed, no matter how awful it seems to have to face another day of guilt, shame and remorse but it’s done, it happened we can’t change the past but we can control the choices we make today, the paths we choose and I believe we can change our mindset, we can use our coping skills and we can force ourselves to get up and try harder because we are survivors Penny, we will rise another day, we will continue to grow and we will continue to do the next right thing no matter how awful or difficult it is…I love you and we will prevail, love & light amy 🙂


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