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Focus On Your Qualities, Not Your Flaws

October 17, 2013

Recently a wise man told me he didn’t like the word character defect that we commonly use in recovery.  I thought about this and he’s right. A427097_10151049513498138_1184418186_n defect seems like I am in someway defective and unable to be “fixed.” I like the word flaw because it is something I can change.  Being aware of your flaws is important so you can improve on them. Focusing on your flaws causes you to deter from focusing on your qualities. A few weeks ago I realized I had been focusing on my flaws instead of my qualities. I constantly self-criticize myself and felt like I wasn’t good enough for some people. Today I realized that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or feels about me, it only matters how I feel about myself. The Universe will provide me with what I need and knows when the time is right for something. I try to remember that and continuously do mental inventories on my flaws. I’m cool with who I am today flaws and all. I try to live my life well, do the right thing and improve. I don’t like to think of myself as damaged anymore. I like to think of myself as a miracle.


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  1. jlv311 permalink

    = ) What a powerful post! I love the idea of thinking more about your good qualities each day instead of your flaws. You have achieved miracles in your life and your story is an inspiration of what true recovery looks like. Thank you for inspiring me today to recognize all of my good qualities and to stop focusing on my flaws.


    • No problem! I’m lovin the people here, so warm & loving and educational to boot! Facebook is cool for catchin up with family and friends but no matter how hard we try sometimes a little drama sneaks through…I have only had pleasant experiences here and I’m very excited that people are reading about recovery, we need our physical human interaction (i.e. meetings, etc) but the internet is a great place to find recovery on our down days, or if we don’t have the luxury of meetings that are accessible when we need them! Love & Light amy 🙂


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