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Thanksgiving: Gratitude

November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. We become busy and so preoccupied with plans, places to go and shopping to do the next day, “Black images (26)Friday,” for our next holiday, Christmas. This makes me sad. We should be enjoying the time with our loved ones not fighting the crowds at Walmart to save a few bucks on that huge flat screen TV to replace the 2 year old one in the living room because it’s just too good a deal to pass up and the kids really need a new TV.

I have found that people appreciate a simple homemade gift of any kind be it baked goods, a photo in a frame or even a nice album put together, maybe some homemade ornaments. They won’t remember the leather gloves you got them the year before but they will always remember the ornament they hang on their tree each year and the time you spent with them that holiday.

It’s not about the gifts, the sales or any of that. We say it all the time, we post it on Facebook but do we really do that? Do we really value our time with family and friends at a Thanksgiving gathering or did we spend hours trying to prepare, get the kids ready in their best clothes, bake the perfect dish to bring to out do everyone else’ and did we spend enough on that bottle of wine.  Yes it is good manners to bring something for the hostess and of course children love a Christmas tree with tons of presents under it, they’re kids. As kids get older they start to understand and the meaning of holidays become more then gifts.

I think we put to much emphasis on stuff on the holidays and not enough into the time we have with our loved ones because in the end, that’s all we have, family and friends, all that other materialistic stuff comes and goes.

Today, right now, make out a gratitude list of 10 things you’re grateful for and list them by importance. Be completely honest, no one will be judging you or seeing your lists. You should hold onto these lists and write out another one at the end of the week and look at the differences.


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    nice blog…blessings…:D


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  3. Love this!


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