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December 5, 2013

I recently was filling out a profile for In The Rooms, an online recovery site with live video meetings. The questions were simple enough then

I love knitting I learned as a child from my mom who learned from her mom and her mom, it helps ease my tensions and anxiety

I love knitting I learned as a child from my mom who learned from her mom and her mom, it helps ease my tensions and anxiety

it asked for my interests, hobbies and my passions. At first these seemed to mean the same thing to me but I’m very wrong. Hobbies are something we enjoy doing, interests are things that we may just enjoy learning about  but passions, that’s a great question. What are you passionate about?

I believe my passions change because I grow every day. Just for today though, my passion is in creating, writing and learning about myself. I am passionate about not just my recovery but the person I’m becoming. I used to get upset when someone pointed out my faults. Today I embrace my faults and appreciate those that gently point them out to me. Obviously I”m not going to be crazy about the person who calls me fat but since I came to recovery my weight has fluctuated from 90 lbs and emaciated to almost 200 lbs and obsessed with food. Today I am a healthy weight and I do my best to care for my physical self. So if someone back them were to point out that I was fat, my feelings would have been hurt. Telling me in a gentle way such as, “You look very healthy,” is a more tactful approach. At the time I was so happy in recovery I didn’t even realize how much weight I had gained but eventually I had to get on a scale. I was shocked but not sad or disappointed, I was motivated to do something about it. My passion then was exercising, finding things I liked doing that required physical activity which were being outdoors, hiking, yoga and I found that I really enjoyed Zumba! I became passionate about being healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Finding balance in recovery is difficult. When we find something we’re passionate about we must take care not to let it evolve into an obsession. Obsession is a deadly force in our lives for the drugs are but a symptom. Compulsions and obsessions are what keep us going back to the drugs. Addiction is a deadly disease of deep seeded issues that present themselves in destructive behaviors. So we must be carefully to find balance in our lives and when we are passionate about something make sure it doesn’t over take us. Something as simple as crossword puzzles can become obsessions and affect our daily lives as silly as it my seem it is true. Blessed Be!


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  1. Thanks, I really needed to read this today! Love your blog and thank you for writing!


    • Thank you! Been away awhile, health problems, just another reason not to relapse! Got a weak muscle around my heart but I’m alive! Still lovin life and pluggin away! Love & Light, amy…:)


      • I will pray for your health … I will take any reason not to relapse as an awesome suggestion 🙂 Thanks for being here!

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