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Giving Back

December 14, 2013
Members of the United States Navy serve the ho...

Members of the United States Navy serve the homeless at Dorothy’s Soup Kitchen in Salinas, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Through all our shopping and sales we forget sometimes that they are sick and suffering people out there who are not worried about presents this year. All they want is a warm, safe to sleep and a meal. So while you are checking your list twice perhaps this year we could all give back in our own special way. Anyone can send a check to a charity but how about bake some Christmas cookies and bring them to the shelter. Take a day to help out at the shelter. I remember doing community service when I was a teenager in trouble. It made me uncomfortable to be in those places and be around “those people.” It wasn’t until many years later that I realized the reason for this. I was sheltered.

There’s no blame in that, it’s not about blame it’s about awareness and change. Be aware that you are uncomfortable and change. Years later I found out that we celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday instead of Thursday, I always thought it was because my mother was Canadian and we waited for all the family to travel to our home on Thursday, I was wrong. It was because my stepfather, a strict, German, Catholic man whom I’ve never gotten along with, went to the soup kitchen on Thanksgiving every year and donated his day cooking for the homeless and hungry. Maybe if I had known that things would have been different. Maybe if I had gone too. Again, we can’t dwell in the past, he does a noble thing by giving back.

My sister and I get together once a week with our kids for family night. We have dinner and play a game, talk and we have alot of fun. Some of those times we have the boys make something and then they have to come with us to deliver the ornaments, cookies, or whatever we’ve made to whichever charity we’re donating to. It helps them to follow all the way through and see the good they are doing by giving back. Like I said anyone can throw a can of soup in a box or write a check those are important contributions don’t get me wrong but we can do more. Right?


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