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Life Is Made Up of a Series of Choices

January 4, 2014

LIfe is made up of a series of choices that we make on a daily basis. We must live with the consequences of those choices, the good, the bad, the easy, the hard, the fun, the sad, the awful and the crazy. That’s all it comes down to is choices and sometimes we can’t see them. Sometimes the right choice seems so terrible, so awful it’s not a choice or sometimes the right choice has consequences we cannot possibly live with.

A mother in Nazi Germany was given a choice between her daughter or her son. Which one lived and which one died. How would you choose? I don’t remember the outcome of the story or which child she chose but I do remember the choice, no matter what she had to choose. I said I couldn’t choose, I’d rather they kill all three of us but that is a choice, choosing the fate of all three instead of sacrificing one to save two. Even the most insignificant choice can have lasting and life altering affects. The good Samaritan who puts his own life in jeopardy to save another, pushing someone out of the way of a truck and loosing his own life.

Some choices are a pebble tossed into a lake, it seems small and insignificant. Then the ripples turn into waves which turn into whitecaps which turn into a tidal wave by the time it reaches the opposite shore. The pebble now seems like a boulder. The tidal wave wipes out villages and destroys so many lives. Our tiniest choices can affect many, many lives. The choice to pick up for the first time. As a 12, 13, 14 year old kid, with teenage invincibility, doesn’t seem to be that disastrous but 15 years later that same kid is living in the streets addicted to heroin leaving a family and children behind that have been wiped out by that pebble, that single joint or beer as a kid that turned into a boulder.

Yes, life is a series of choices, difficult ones as well as wonderful ones. We can choose to change or we can wallow in self pity, we can ask for help or we can hide, we can surround ourselves with support and inspiring folks or we can keep doing the same things expecting different results. We are the creators of our own journeys, the bumps and turns, the forks and the yields, the green, yellow and red lights, the new comers, the passer bys, the hitchhikers and police. We can learn from the most irrelevant and brief encounters with people in the checkout line or the most inspiring stories we read and hear about. Inspiration can come from a moment of silence on a park bench watching people walk by or something we hear. Motivation is in our own hearts, motivation inspired by the most insignificant strangers. We must embrace our choices, do the best we can and cleanse our minds of guilt and self pity, fill it with hope and love and the knowledge and wisdom of a new day with new choices and the promise to try harder, do better and live life to the fullest.


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