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Music, One Of The Greatest Gifts From The Heavens

January 11, 2014

Music is such a fabulous, inspiring gift from the universe. Music comes from so many sources, in so many different rhythms, beats, voices, please-dont-stop-the-musicand instruments. It’s so wonderful that we have such a beautiful outlet. My oldest son is teaching me how to play the guitar and I couldn’t be more grateful for an amazing, talented son who has given me the gift of music. I learned several instruments as a child, my mother sings and plays the guitar but she was taught by an old Indian who hung around the fishing camp she was raised in when she was 3 years old. She never read a sheet of music in her life until her 50’s when she started to play the piano. My talented and creative mother could listen to a song once and play it on the guitar. People say that to learn a language or music you have to learn as a child which I guess there’s some truth to it but not completely. With an open mind and hard work anything is possible. My younger son is fascinated by Japan and wants to move there when he graduates to teach English. He is learning Japanese to fulfill his dream of moving to Japan. The Asian languages are beautiful but some of the hardest to learn. Anything is possible, absolutely anything if we believe it is, if we stick with it and follow through.

Have you ever noticed that when you listen to an upbeat, fun song you sing it in your car alone? Or at home turn up the radio to clean the house, plug in those ear buds to exercise? I also listened to industrial, punk and heavy metal growing up and I love those blasts from the past but I realized it can influence my mood, make me agitated or if I’m upset it can make it worse. When I change it to a fun song or my relaxing ambient music I can sense the shift of my mood almost immediately. The internet is a great source of information and music. When feeling blue or angry I now go to my playlists and have inspiring tunes with rhythmic, visual stimulation that help me break the funk I’m in and motivate me to get up and get outside or clean and just all around puts me in a great mood.

How lovely that we live in the age of information and have the ability to learn all of the things we could ever want to know! We are permanent students of life! Every morning I have a routine of listening to uplifting music, Of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, or how about some passive Daughter, when I meditate it’s ambient tunes and sometimes guided words of inspiration, when I’m in a fun mood is my weird Tom Waits, Primus or maybe a little NIN, Ministry or even older punk, The Misfits or Sex Pistols and Sid Vicious. At night it’s the music of nature, a cleansing mediation and a little journaling of how I’ll make tomorrow even better.

When I’m walking my dogs it’s not uncommon for me to do my dancing walk to Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack. Music is so amazing for our souls! We listen to sad music, we think of sad things, we listen to happy music we smile, we relate to lyrics and sometimes hear our lives in the songs. Music can be an escape for us. We can amerce ourselves and saturate our ears with sounds that influence every fiber of our being. What a beautiful gift from the heavens. Music comes in all forms, it comes from the tiniest rain drop to the loudest drum. We hear it in the gulls above the ocean as the waves seem to follow the rhythm and we can sway back in forth with our eyes closed and feel the wind, smell the salt and all our worries just fall away.


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