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Balance and Harmony ~Something Positive Always Comes From Something Negative~

January 28, 2014

Something positive always comes out of something negative. It has to. Mother Earth balances things with negative and positive, light and dark, Imagecold and warm, everything needs to be in harmony and balanced. A huge tragedy or devastating situation is no different then the changing of the seasons. It means you needed a good hard kick in the ass! Many times I have drowned myself in my sorrows because of some life changing event and refused to see anything positive from it. Then months later or years I completely grateful for that situation that seemed at the time, to be the end of the world!

Today I try to see the light at the end of the tunnel for even the most devastating news. Take for example, loss. Maybe you have lost something that you thought was completely necessary to have, something you couldn’t live without but maybe became too dependent on such as a computer or a car. When I lost everything to addiction, I had to rebuild my life. I got a large one bedroom apartment in my hometown and moved from the city. I literally had nothing, I had a book bag of clothes and a futon mattress. I was so grateful, I laid on the floor and did imaginary snow angels on the carpet. My old life had to end and a new life was reborn.

Today I have stuff, lots and lots of stuff and clutter. I think from loosing everything I’m paranoid to throw anything out! I must remember how grateful I was to have a roof over my head, a place for my children to start seeing me again and eventually they moved into that one bedroom apartment and there was five of us living there! We were so very happy, we didn’t have cable TV, we didn’t have a computer, we had to keep the cell phone in the window to get reception, I had to go to the food pantry for groceries but everything worked out. We had food in our tummies, a roof over our heads and we were so very happy. I have to remember that time and how happy we were with so very little and I need to be grateful today for the life I have built which I am but, materialistic things are not important and things feel unbalanced. 

Imbolic is the Pagan or Wiccan celebration of shedding the old and bringing in the new. It’s traditionally held on or around Ground Hog’s Day and it symbolizes the coming Spring and rebirth. Winter is a time where things in nature die and Spring is where nature renews itself with rebirth of trees, flowers, babies animals and so many other forms of rebirth. This is harmony and balance and we can apply that to our lives. There really is a ritualistic appeal to “Spring Cleaning” and I for one am going to start this year on Imbolic and celebrate the coming Spring by cleaning out the old.

This is also a wonderful way to show my gratitude for all the blessings in my life by giving back. All the excess materialistic things I’ve aquired since that day I unlocked the door to my new life, it can all be given to someone in need like I was. I still have the furniture that was given to me by a church, the stuff I dug out of the garbage to decorate my home with and tons of clothes from garage sales and thrift shops. It’s that time of year to clean it all out and prepare for Spring and pass it on to someone else who is just starting their new life. Everything in balance, everything in harmony or Mother Earth will balance it herself. Take for example a forest fire. The devastation it brings seems overwhelming, so much death and destruction. Then, things start to calm down and new growth starts to occur from the renewed, fertile soil. Plants and animals start to inhabit the once scorched land and it again becomes a place of balance and harmony. 

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, from death comes rebirth and the cycle of life continues. Mother Earth keeps us in check, one way or another. Sometimes we can sense the need for change ourselves other times we are blinded by fear of change. Then something will happen that seems like the worst thing in the World but soon the dust settles and the smoke clears and we can look back at those times in our lives where the devastation was actually what cleared the path for a beautiful rebirth and we find gratitude. 

For the Imbolic Celebration I am checking myself for areas in need of change, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I’m cleaning out my closet and cycling it back into the circle of life, looking at every situation as an opportunity for change, rebirth and growth.


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