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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 11, 2014

To all you fabulous mothers out there today is your special day! This is a day we celebrate mother’s our mother’s, our children make us breakfast in bed, our honeys give us flowers and jewelry. But mother’s are celebrated every day of the year. We are the heart of the world, we raise our children, care for our husbands and homes, we cook, clean, pay the bills, we are nurses, taxi services, fans for our kids in sports. Yes we are a the heart of society, we hold it all together. But we are not perfect, we suffer, we feel unappreciated and sometimes we fall, we fall hard and things don’t always go as planned, marriage, children, grandchildren, etc. Sometimes things go wrong, divorce, fighting over custody of children but we prevail. I fell once, I fell hard and could not survive the drastic changes that happened in my life and it took many years but I found my way back to becoming the mother I was meant to be. Not stressed, angry and rushing around, I am the mother that takes time to talk to my kids, have dinner and toss the dishes in the sink and worry about it later so we can head out for a walk or the kids can go play basketball or skateboard. Mother’s Day is wonderful, to feel appreciate for all the hard work we do. For the sacrifices we make and the mistakes we make but mother’s are celebrated everyday (or should be) so hug your mom, tell her you love her and tell her how much you appreciate her…everyday. Mom’s are special, let’s treat them the best way we can everyday! ~ Blessed Be


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