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She’s A Gift To The World

August 17, 2014

Compassion is a trait that can come natural to some. Others loose it, are misguided, become lost or never learned it. I think compassion comes with our

Behind the mask she wears is a compassionate, selfless soul that was given to the Earth, a gift

Behind the mask she wears is a compassionate, selfless soul that was given to the Earth, a gift

soul; it’s an ingrained trait, part of our moral code if you will. The moral laws we all have that tell us what’s right and wrong deep down inside. Sometimes a soul becomes lost, confused and loses some of those traits because of things done to them, things they have done to others and paths that we have been forced down or choose, no matter the past is past. It is only today that counts.

Those traits can be found again, deep inside us. They never go away sometimes renewing and relearning are required but those traits become lost and it takes time for them to resurface. Some people can have difficult challenges in their lives and still hold their morals and values close, they don’t lose them. They are special souls and guardians for those who lose their paths.

The beautiful soul in my life I feel undeserving of is someone very close to me. She radiates beauty in so many ways not just her natural beauty, her eyes, her smile, her hugs. No, it goes much deeper than that. Her soul is filled with love she shares, sacrificing her own happiness all the time for those she loves. It’s her gift and her curse. She is drawn to people in need and in pain. She will listen and listen well than she will give her advice and suggestions no matter how hard they are to hear but it comes from a place of love. Some take it as criticism because their own souls are sick. Some take it as she thinks she’s better than me because they feel bad about the part they played in what they’ve shared and did not like hearing the truth. They come to her and want to be comforted, hugged and hear what they want to hear. When that doesn’t happen and they hear what they need to hear resentment wells up.

She has a way of sensing what a person needs to hear without regards to the backlash on her for a situation she has nothing to do with. When a person doesn’t like the truth, they blame instead of seeing it, accepting it and doing what they need to do. She does not try to hurt anyone, she only tries to help. It is her nature; her heart is so big but has been broken many times. Still she is always there for those in need who come to her with their problems.

She is a sin eater. She takes on the sins of others and suffers in silence unknowingly that she has done so much good but feels so much sadness from all the sins she internalizes. Taking on the sins of others, giving them their solutions and truth has cost her dearly. Sin eaters must cleanse the sins before they consume them and only a very strong, old soul can be an empath. The sadness can be overwhelming and she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t know this is her destiny and she doesn’t know how to cleanse the sins of others from herself.

For a woman of such courage and strength, intelligence and insight, compassion and love, this is her reward? We give her sorrow? Pain? We return her kindness, her compassion and caring with anger and resentment? What she has done for the world, cannot be repaid except by doing for her what she has done for so many people.

Perfection is not a trait any soul carries. Perfection can drive you to madness if you strive for it too hard and too long, failing at it and feeling bad because you cannot achieve it. No one will ever master perfection in anything. Only each of us can do is try to learn and do our best with what we have and be aware of the areas in our lives we need to work at. This woman can see those areas but people don’t like to hear it. She sacrifices so much because she would rather someone have the truth and think about it, have a chance to do something about it rather than tell them what they want to hear.

Cleansing the soul of other people’s problems and sins is different for different people with different beliefs. Internalizing other people’s sins and problems must be lonely and sad. She is truly a selfless woman, such a wonderful soul with so much compassion and love. She risks losing people she cares about just to tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear because she knows that’s what’s best for them. She does not take into consideration the affects it will have on her heart. She doesn’t stop and think how it will affect her because she is so loving that she puts the person in pain before herself never thinking about herself, never questioning the right thing to do or the consequences it may bring upon her.

All the people who have ever been helped by her honesty, integrity, her loyalty, and most importantly her love for all of us should make an effort to give back in some way what she has given us. I am very blessed to have this woman in my life. She is a guardian angel with a soul full of compassion and love. I feel undeserving for everything I have done to her but still she stands by me. It’s a lovely bonus that I have a bond with her and that we are connected by blood.

My sister is a precious gift to the world and to each and every one of you who she has ever helped. Whether you liked what she had to say or not. She doesn’t realize what a gift she is or has. I think today should be hug Jessi day, I think every day should be hug Jessi day. I love you Jess, what a beautiful gift you are to the world and to lives of so many people.


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  1. Beautiful ode to your sister. Very touching…you are blessed…not all of us have that in our lives 🙂 Give her a hug for me 🙂

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