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~Wonderfully Alone~

August 28, 2014

We I head out to the woods with my dogs, there’s no calmer, more wonderful feeling. I am truly at home.

She’s all alone in a sea of fear. It makes it hard for her to talk to people, to them how she feels. Why should she? They’ve only ever brought her pain, stress, anxiety, fear, feelings of being not good enough. She’s all alone.

It’s not bad. People say it is very bad, come with us, join the crowd. The crowd. The crowd hurts, the crowd is scary. The crowd is full of people lying wait, waiting to pounce. Mean people, rude people, people who want to hurt you, hurt your feelings, trick you and physically hurt you sometimes. Why in the World would she want to join that?

She’s all alone and it’s wonderful here. People say it’s bad, you’re isolating. Isolating? If that’s what you call being alone with her gardens, her animals, her sun, moon and her Earth mother. Isolation no, she thinks not, solitude maybe but is she really all alone with everything alive around her? She’s all alone and it is fabulous. Fabulously alone!

  1. I like your perspective!

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