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Depression, You Almost Got Me But I’m A Survivor

October 11, 2014

Suffering for weeks, sometimes months through boughts of dreaded depression is no joke and very real to millions of people. have suffered with it for over 10 years, maybe longer but I had children young, I was in University, working and doing my internships. I did not have time to stay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself. I have since realized that depression is not laying in bed feeling sorry for yourself. It’s much more then that and much more serious. Major Depressive Disorder can be as deadly as addiction, both steal our lives, our self worth, our strength, our will to live.

This last battle forced me to look and the facts. My depression has been getting worse and lasting longer then 6-8 weeks, they’re lasting for months now. Each time stealing more of me. I knew I had to do something, not just for myself but for kids, they deserve better and have gone through more then any child should have to. They may be teenagers but they still deserve a healthy mom. They’re very smart too. They tell me what my therapist and everyone else says, “You think too much, it’s not that bad.” I make it bad in my mind thinking it’s worse then it really is.

Bottom-line, I had to get help and so I did. I fought back, got a specialized therapist and psychiatrist. I agreed to medication and I am well on my way to loving life again. It all takes time, healing does not happen overnight,


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  1. You are so right. It does take time. But you are on a path that will hopefully lead you to some relief.
    My own story is very similar. If I was honest I can remember having depressive episodes as a teen, post partum, more recently. But fear kept me from letting it show.

    My last depression coincided with getting sober. I sunk deeper and deeper and was also going through some chaotic life changes around me.

    It forced me to accept I need help too. Medication that I had refused to consider has been a saviour. Therapy is a huge relief. I finally feel like a normal person.

    I hope you find it just as revitalizing.

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    • Thank you for your words, they definetely brought me comfort! That’s why I write about real, honest experiences on this journey cuz it’s not all lolly pops and unicorns. It’s wonderful, I love my life in recovery I just can’t shake the fact that I need more then NA, I need therapy and a psychiatrist which is what I did and I’m starting to feel so much better. If I hadn’t sought help through the methadone clinc and psychiatry and only NA I might not have made it. Methadone gave me life, NA taught me all about myself and have been wonderful but I knew I was sicker then just my addiction and I needed more help then they could offer me.
      ~Love & Light~ Amy

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  2. Yes you are right depression eats up a person’s life, and leave us useless. BUT LIFE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. Always count your blessings, and it will surely keep you contended with life. I have learned that keeping yourself busy in things that you enjoy most or things that require all our energy keeps us away from feeling low or depressed. We should be close to our GOD and seek help from Him.
    Its a really positive step that you are now getting treatment. Nothing is impossible in this world once we set our minds to it.
    I pray that your life be filled with hope and positive energy, contentment with life and lots of laughter with your family.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am working hard with my therapist & psychiatrist and I am definitely seeing a huge difference in my thoughts, my actions, my drawings, writing, crafts. Thank you for you complements it really means a lot to me.
      ~Love & Light~ Amy


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